Citop 11pcs/set 2.35mm Shank Diamond Needle Burrs Rotary Point Sharp Rods Bur Bit Needle Carving Punch Drilling Sharp Grind Head


The product is made of high hardness of the diamond material, durability is very high, a variety of product models to meet the needs of more people, pointed needle design, emphasis on drilling, grind the edge of glass,Better results.
Uses: suitable for jade, jadeware, emerald, agate, glass, abrasive and other drilling, grinding, repair, edging, carving, etc.

1. New tools must be installed when the tool is to try whether the beating, beating, then can not directly work, to adjust to not jump to use. Otherwise the tool soon wear off, carved out of things is not very smooth Adjustment method: with a small wrench chuck gently tapping the high-speed rotation of the tool handle until the tool is smooth. Electronic machine is strictly prohibited to beat, adjust the method is to release the chuck, the tool turned an angle or out and indent a little.
2. Be sure to drain the water (like a drip device like a drip in a hospital), such as a dry drill, the diamond on the head of the tool is graphitized by overheating, and it is quickly worn out.
3. When drilling, try to avoid shaking, because the shaking will cause local damage to the tool, and accelerate the damage to the entire tool.
4. The speed is as high as possible. General requirements line speed of not less than 10-20 m per second.
5. Light pressure into the diamond tool is to rely on grinding to process the workpiece, excessive force, grinding is not easy to exclude, tools (especially small tools) are also easy to damage.

Material: Diamond
Polishing head style :Sharp Needle
Handle Diameter:2.35mm
11pcs Inclued:05D 06D 08D 10D 12D 15D 18D 20D 25D 30D 40D (Specification Explanation:12D means hea diameter is 1.2mm)

Package included:

11Pcs/Set Diamond Sharp Needle Burrs Rotary Point  Grinding Head

10Pcs Diamond Needle Burrs Rotary Point Sharp Rods Bur Bit Needle Carving Punch Drilling Sharp Grind Head 3mm Shank 70MM Length


Durable diamond coated grinder heads,High hardness, durable, wear-resistant.

Suitable for use in grind, shape and finish with precision for the glass, ceramics, tile, brick, plastics, wood, fiberglass, stone, rock carbide, gold, platinum, silver, metals.

Adding water when use the Diamond grinding head is good, can improve the sharpness and the life of the grinding needle.

A variety of product models to meet the needs of more people, pointed needle design, emphasis on drilling, grind the edge of glass,Better results.

Fit your hand drill, drill press Rotary tool with a 3mm collet.


Material: Metal, Diamond
Color: Silver
Head Diameter:0.5mm
Shank Diameter:3mm
Total Length:70mm

Package Includes:

10Pcs L Type Diamond Coated Grinding Rods as pictures show

CDBP Diamond Carbide Insert Replacement Cutter for Woodturning, 10 X 28- Dia4.3mm with Sharp Point Indexable Carbide Cutter fits for DIY Woodworking Lathe Wood Turning Finisher Hollower Tools, 3pcs

  • Size: 10mm Length X 28mm Width X 2.5mm Thickness, Sharp pointed head, 30° Cutting Angle, one countersink hole, Finisher Hollower Lathe Woodturning Tool or Woodworking Planer etc.
  • DIY woodturning / woodworking, perfect for finish the curved, concave surfaces , hollower jobs and for general wood turning applications.
  • The raw material is tungsten carbide, with submicron-fine grain can ensure the wear resistance and micro crack resistance, special surface treatment to reduce the build-up edge.
  • The grade BK10UF good for cutting different kinds of wood, such as, MDF, Chipboard, Hardwood, Softwood and Plywood.
  • CDBP Tools developed a series of standard Reversible inserts and Customized carbide inserts, Profiled standard blanks, Spurs, Grooving Knives and Reversible inserts for portable planers.

Woodworking tool PCD cutting cutter milling cutter Chamfering cutter trimming cutter blister door cutter CNC cutting cutter

4Inch/4.5Inch/5Inch Angle Grinder Slotting Saw Blade Alloy Sharp Woodworking Cutting Blade High Speed Durable Circular Saw Blade


1. Sharp: The grinding chain wheel with sharp edge can effectively help you to cutting, carving and shaping on woodworking.

2. Durable: The grinding chain wheel adopts high quality hard alloy material, which is durable and owns good hardness. The grinding chain wheel can be used for long time.

3. High speed:The grinding chain wheel’s speed can up to 14000rp, bring you wonderful efficient cutting performance.

4. Chain edge: The chain saw blades has better performance in wood, plastics, ice, hard rubber and so on.

5. Portability: This product is small in size and light in weight, very convenient to carry around.


It is easy and practical to connect the cutter.The grinding chain wheel is suitable in multiple situations.


Color: Silver Plate and Random Paper Color


4 inch: diameter 10.5cm, inner diameter 1.6cm

4.5 inch: diameter 11.5cm, inner diameter 1.9cm

5 inch: diameter 12.5cm, inner diameter 2.2cm(optional)

Material: Alloy

Max Rotating speed for 4 inch : 14000 rpm

Max Rotating speed for 5 inch : 10000-13000 rpm

Package Included

1 pc* Grinding Chain Wheel


1. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same as shown in the pictures.

Sharp 40/60/80 Teeth Grass Trimmer Head Blade Wood Brush Cutter Disc for Lawn Mower Weed Lawnmower Parts Garden Power Tools

Sharp 40/60/80 Teeth Grass Trimmer Head Blade Wood Brush Cutter Disc for Lawn Mower Weed Lawnmower Parts Garden Power Tools

High Quality Manganese Steel Material Blade.
This is the size and details for the blade.
Size:Bore Diameter:25.4mm External Diameter:255mm
1. Made of high quality steel, high stiff, sharp and durable in use.
2. 40 evenly arranged teeth are very sharp which can ensure fast and fluent cutting.
3. Sharp cutting edges provide fast cuts, you can cut through tough weeds and brushwood in anywhere you need.
4. Can fit most garden trimmer, brush cutter, weed eater and so on.
5. Make your work easier and more efficient with its super hard, sharp and stable features.

6 25mm Woodworking Round Bead Cutter Bead Drill Bit Milling Cutter Soft Hard Woodworking Milling Cutter Woodworking Tool

6-25 set: 6 8 10 12 14 15 16 18 20 22 25 blade + 1 handle + 11 drill cores

14-25 set: 14 15 16 18 20 22 25 blade + 1 handle + 7 drill cores

6-12 set: 6 8 10 12 blades + 1 handle + 7 drill cores

14 Inch Pizza Cutter Sharp Rocker Blade. Food Grade 18/8 (304) Stainless Steel. Best Way To Cut Pizzas And More

We are food grade 304 stainless steel, not 430 stainless steel

14" Long, Tapered, Stainless Steel Blade. Tough-built, rust-resistant, stainless steel material for long-lasting daily use by professionals or at home

Impeccably cut, chop, mince and scoop meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs etc. No mess, No do-overs

Stainless Steel Rolled up handle promotes easy rocking motion, user control and efficient cut

Easy wash: simply run through soapy water, immediately wipe with a clean dry cloth.

Product Dimensions: 14.5 x 1.4 x 4.4 inches (It's about 0.65mm)

Item Weight: 10.4 ounces

Are you looking for a simple, easy to use, inexpensive pizza cutter to perform with the same consistency over the years? Tired of going through awkward, inefficient pizza wheels? 

The 14"x4" Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter with Rolled up Handle is designed with professionals and every day users in mind. No need to work in a pizza establishment to try it though, you too, can confidently cut, chop, mince and scoop! Sleek design. Precision cut. Multipurpose The Pizza Cutter cuts uniform slices in one quick rocking motion. 

Traditional knives pull the pizza apart and slice unevenly; roller wheel cutters tend to "smoosh" the crust, trap and drag cheese, sauce and toppings off the pizza.Avoid the frustration, get Culina rocker blade pizza cutter: Its elegant half-moon design (4" at the curve) is aesthetically pleasing and adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen decor while capable of ripping through a deep dish pizza crust. 

Completes a wide variety of tasks: cut soap bars or sandwiches, chop, slice, mince and scoop up ingredients thanks to the large blade surface. Heavy duty, stainless steel construction. High performance, built to last Don't be fooled by the sleek look, This Pizza Cutter boasts a full frame, stainless steel sheet, rolled up at the top to form a reliable non-slip, comfortable grip handle. Rigid enough to withstand the firm pressure, it provides heft and balance to push down effortlessly on the food. 

Many with arthritis have raved about its extreme ease of use. The sturdy, ultra sharp, tapered blade ensures a clean, uniform cut with full efficiency every time. Blade size spans the length of the pizza and only requires a no-strain, easy rock movement to get the slicing done! Mess-free! Engineered for heavy duty use, it won't bend, warp or dull easily on you. A tough-built for longevity and great value. Suited to professionals, families, perfect when hosting pizza parties!

Multi-Sharp 2001 Universal Drill Bit and Tool Sharpener 3-13mm Diameter (for: HSS, Flat Wood, Brad-Point) & 3002 Aluminium Oxide Replacement Grinding Wheel for ‘Wetstone’ Chisel Sharpener

  • Product 1: Accurately: grinds correct tip and relief angles and restores sharp-as-new cutting edges on drill bits and small tools.
  • Product 1: Drill Bits: Re-sharpens drill bits; HSS, masonry, SDS-plus, centre-point, brad-point and flat wood, 3-13mm in diameter. Including titanium-coated bits.
  • Product 1: Small Tools: Re-sharpens and re-edges small tools including carbide-tipped: scribers, bradawls, punches, cold chisels, screwdrivers, etc. Makes them easier to use, and extends tool life.
  • Product 1: Precision Angles: The grinding jig has all the angles for correct tip geometry built in. It positions each type of bit over the wheels to give the correct tip and relief angles.
  • Product 2: Compatibility: For use with Multi-Sharp 3001 Wetstone Water-Cooled Chisel and Plane Blade Sharpener.
  • Product 2: Long Life: High-quality, aluminium oxide grinding wheel extends the life of your chisels and small hand tools.
  • Product 2: Easy to Install: Full replacing instructions are enclosed on the pack.
  • Product 2: Re-Sharpens: Chisels and plane blade small hand tools, including gouges, bradawls, screwdrivers, centre-punches, scribers and wood carving tools.

Wood Grinding Wheel, Grinder Disc Metal, Angle Grinder Disc Wood, Shaping Disc, Shaping Disc Wood, Grinder Disc, Wood Grinding, Sharp, 90mm Diameter, 16mm Aperture, Manganese Steel (Black)

  • High-quality materials: The angle grinder discs are made of high-quality manganese steel, with strong structure, not easy to break or deform, sharp edges, high hardness and strong wear resistance.
  • 12-tooth design: 16mm inner diameter and 90mm outer diameter, providing smooth and controllable cutting and engraving actions to maximize cutting performance. Note: Please confirm whether the size is suitable for your needs before buying.
  • Sharp: The grinder disc is strong, durable and rust-proof! 12 sharp gears can quickly remove sawdust, more durable than hundreds of sandpaper pads, can save your time and energy, and help improve work efficiency.
  • Easy to operate: just screw in and install easily. Another outstanding advantage of the grinding wheel is that it is easy to install and remove electric tools. It can be installed on an electric angle grinder with an inner diameter of 16mm. A few seconds are enough for you to assemble and remove it again at the same time!
  • Wide range of applications: Wood carving discs are only suitable for non-metallic or non-metallic materials, and can be used for carving hardwood, cork, plastic, rubber, and multifunctional woodworking tools for polishing, carving, shaping, polishing and polishing.