2mm Hole Size – Stainless Steel 304L – Cut Size: 15cm x 15cm – 10 Mesh Count – Woven Wire Mesh – By Inoxia

  • 10 wires per inch, 1 sheet
  • 1.98mm holes
  • Woven from 0.56mm 304L stainless steel wires
  • 15cm x 15cm
  • Open Area: 61%

HSEAMALL 8PCS Buffing Wheel for Drill, White Polishing Wheel,Cotton Dome Polishing Mop,Cone Polishing Wheel Buffing Pad with 1/4 inch

  • ✔️ The buffing pads are made out of good quality cotton material, multiple layers of fabric sewn together in the center, soft and hold together well, will shine your favorites without any damage. Suitable for the surface grinding and polishing of metal, jewelry, stainless steel, aluminum, wood, plastics, ceramics, glass, watches, and any chromed or painted items.
  • ✔️The polishing wheels fit onto all kinds of electric grinders, electric drills or other rotary tools, shanks are 1/4″ round and continued with hex shape so they will not come off when polishing. Use with a variable speed drill can prevent rotating the pad too fast and prematurely shredding the padding. Working with polishing compound such as wax will have better polishing effect.
  • ✔️The polisher pads are specially designed for polishing recessed areas such as mag rims, motorcycle wheels, manifolds, removing surface oxidation, rust, tar and dirt of all kinds, gives your faded wheels a nice shine look.
  • ✔️ The polishing kit contains cone, column, mushroom and circular shapes, diameter ranging from 30-100mm, the various shapes and diameters made it possible to reach 99% of the nooks, makes the polishing job much easier. Ideal for wheels, fenders, bumpers and other hard to reach areas.
  • ✔️The mop wheels are reusable, get them washed after use and dried in the air. They will work wonders again.

Diamond Grinding Wheel Cup Grinding Wheel Grinding Circle for Polishing Milling Cutter Disc Various Size

Features: It is 100% brand new , high quality and never mounted. This is a great cup-shaped diamond grinding wheel.The diamond sand is evenly attached and wear-resistant, and it is not easy to drop sand. High hardness, strength, strong grinding capacity, mainly used for grinding high and hard alloy, non-metallic materials, cutting hard and brittle carbide, non-metallic minerals. Different size can achieve different working effects to meet your different needs. As used in various tool and cutter applications. There are many different sizes,grit and shape of grinding wheel,if you need,please contact me. Specifications: Material:Resin bond and diamond sand coated with aluminum body Grit Width:10×3/15×3 Hight:20/32mm Grit: 120#,150#,180#,240#,320#,400# Shape: Cup  Size:Diameter x Hole Diameter x Sand Width x Sand Thickness 100x20x10x3mm     Black Sand 100x20x15x3mm   Black Sand 125x20x10x3mm    Black Sand 125x32x15x3mm    Black Sand 150x32x10x3mm  Black Sand Package Include: 1 Cup Diamond Grinding Wheel(According to your choose)This shop can be customized Note: Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.Thank you! Please allow 1-3mm(0.04''-0.12'')measuring deviation due to manual measurement. Because this is a hardware product, it may cause friction on its shiny surface during transportation. It will not affect the use effect, please don't mind, thank you.

1Pc Diamond Grinding Wheel Cup Grinder Cutter Grinding Disc For Tungsten Steel Milling Cutter Tool Sharpener Tool Various Size

Description of product features:

-Some made by artificial diamond grinding wheel and resin bonding.

-Made of emery coating.Sharp,high processing efficifiency,no need to repair,can be applied to complex surface processing.

-The grinding wheel is stable and reliable in grinding accuracy,cutting property,life and so on.
-It can be applied to many materials.So that you can eassily deal with various materials to meet your needs.

-It is mainly used for the surface grinding and outer circular grinding of cemented carbide measuring tools, tungsten steel,

high-speed steel,alloy steel, glass, gem, magnetic materials, ceramics and molds, etc.
-High hardness, high compressive strength, good wear resistance.

-Suitable for all types of surface and end grinding.

Product Detail:



100x20x10x5mm 100/150/200/240/320/400/600Grit(Sliver)

100x20x10x5mm 150/200/300Grit(Black)

100x20x10x5mm 200Grit(45 Degree angle)


-If you can't find the size you want, please feel free to contact me.

-Material:Resin bond and diamond coated carbide metal/Diamond coated carbide metal(Sliver and Black)

-Quantity: 1 Piece

-Shape:Cup(Bowl) Shape

-If you have any questions,please feel free to contact me.

Package Content:

1Pc Diamond Grinding Wheel Disc


-Please check your machine regularly to make sure it works normally.
-Please wear safety precautions and pay attention to safety when using and test stability before working.

-In order to prevent accidents, please idle for 2-3 minutes after installation, and confirm the stability before working.

-Please be carefully check the goods appearance, size, shape and then compare your original goods before ordering, thank you.

LYFEI Detailed 100-230mm Double Row Diamond Grinding Disc Diamond Concrete Grinding Wheel Disc Segment Granite Stone For Angle Grinder (Size

  • – For dry grinding and wet grinding.
  • – Vibration-free designs greatly reduce operator fatigue, more productive than conventional abrasives.
  • – Cutting objects: Stone grinding, asphalt grinding, ceramic grinding and so on.
  • – Applicable models: Polishing machine, angle grinder etc.
  • – Double sandblasting edge design(5 mm block segment), more smooth chip removal, cutting more sharp, longer life.

Diamond Grinding Wheel Cup Grinding Circle for Tungsten Steel Milling Cutter Tool Sharpener Grinder Accessories Various Size


The grinding wheel made by artificial diamond grinding wheel and resin bonding.
Made of emery coating.Sharp,high processing efficifiency,no need to repair,can be applied to complex surface processing.

The grinding wheel is stable and reliable in grinding accuracy,cutting property,life and so on.

It can be applied to many materials.So that you can eassily deal with various materials to meet your needs.
It is mainly used for the surface grinding and outer circular grinding of cemented carbide measuring tools, tungsten steel,
high-speed steel,alloy steel, glass, gem, magnetic materials, ceramics and molds, etc.
High hardness, high compressive strength, good wear resistance.
Suitable for all types of surface and end grinding.


We can provide customization, please contact me if needed, thanks.

Material:Resin bond and diamond sand coated with aluminum body


Quantity: 1 Piece

Shape:Cup(Bowl) Shape (As picture shown)


"100x20x15x3mm Green", the specification of the Diamond Grinding Wheel Cup is 100mm in diameter, 15mm in hole diameter, 15mm in sand width, 3mm in sand thickness, and the abrasive is green diamond abrasive.

60 Pcs Sanding Paper Grinding Wheel With 50Mm Polishing Pad Adapter, Grits Grinding Pad Grit Paper, Size 100, 240, 600, 800, 100

Overview: This 60s sandpaper set is perfect for sanding and polishing DIY (wood, metal, polishing). These are high-quality grinding wheels for electric grinding accessories. Can be used for polishing, such as metal, plastic, aluminum and wood, good wear resistance.
1. Including 60s sandpaper (100-2000grits) in 50mm diameter and 1 piece shaft and polishing pad.2.Perfect for polishing artificial stone, furniture and wood products, metal, automobile.3.Suitable for smoothing inside and outside curved edges, for surface preparation and for most electric sanders.
4. For polishing all kinds of metals, iron, aluminum, wood, ceramics, finishing of hard outdoor areas such as wood, woodwork and for molding fine wood constructions.5.Excellent value and quality make your rotary tool into versatile high-speed grinders.
Color: burgundy
Material: alumina + plastic
Application: Electric Polishing Sandpaper Diameter: 50mm / 2inch Loop Sanding Pad: 50mm / 2inch Thread Size: M6 x 1 Shaft Diameter: m / 1/8 inch Length of Connecting Rod: 45mm / 1.77inch
Max. Operating speed: 12000 RPM
Total height: 60mm / 2.36 inch
Sandpaper: 100 #, 240 #, 600 #, 800 #, 1000 #, 2000 # (total size 6, each size 10 pieces)
Article Weight: Approx. 76g / 2.68

PFERD BW 20025-32 Grinding Wheel 200 x 25 x 32 mm Grit Size 60 Normal Corundum 39008441 – Universal Sanding Disc with Integrated Reducing Sleeves (25/20/16 mm), 0.0001 V, Korngröße

  • The universal sanding disc (EAN: 4007220610367) is ideal for universal use in the workshop area and impresses with its long service life, high dimensional stability and high grinding performance
  • Thanks to the integrated reducing sleeves, the ceramic-bound sanding disc can be mounted on almost any sanding bench spindle (32/25/20/16 mm)
  • The straight grinding disc can be used for deburring, sharpening and edge processing (chamfering, rounding) of steel, cast steel, stainless steel (INOX), cast iron
  • Design: ceramic binding, normal corundum, hardness grade: M, composition: 6
  • Box contents: 1 x universal sanding disc from Pferd / with 200 mm diameter and 25 mm width / bore diameter: 32 mm / abrasive: normal corundum (AN) / grain size: 60 + reducing sleeves

PFERD 62011125 Schruppscheibe mit X-Lock Universal-Linie PSF Steel Grinding disc, Pack of 10, 125 x 7.2 mm, (22.23 mm), 62011125-for Quick and Comfortable Tool Changes, Size

  • The cranked grinding disc for steel allows fast work progress and high economy thanks to high grinding efficiency
  • PSF grinding discs are also suitable for low-performance angle grinders and are characterised by a good service life
  • Tools with X-LOCK can also be used on conventional angle grinders with M14 thread
  • Box contents: 10 x grinding disc PSF steel by Pferd / with 125 mm diameter and 7.2 mm width / cranked version E (shape 27) / attachment: X-Lock (22.23 mm) / abrasive: corundum A
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

JCB 21-AG125 JCB-850W Blade Size, 125mm Angle Stone, Paving and Metal Grinder-Power Tools-Cutting, Grinding, Rust Removal & Polishing-UK Plug

  • JCB 850W GRINDER TOOL: Ideal for construction work and home improvement, JCB small angle grinders deliver an impressive load speed of 11500rpm. This powerful, handheld angle grinder comes with a tool-less adjustable guard, anti-vibration handle and a pin wrench for changing discs, including the cutting disc, grinding disc, and buffing discs
  • ANGLE GRINDER 125mm 850W FEATURES: This JCB Angle Grinder is intended for grinding, edge cutting and surface finishing of metal, stone and ceramics. ​Complete with angle grinder cutting discs with a sanding diameter of 125mm and an adjustable guard, this professional angle grinder is versatile and enables quick and easy blade changes. Ergonomically designed, this JCB stone and metal cutter is easy to control and use in a variety of application
  • MULTI-PURPOSE, COMPACT, POWER TOOL: For JCB, versatility is key. This JCB metal cutting tool, can also be used to cut, sharpen, sand and polish different surfaces and materials. With a universal M14 spindle, you can add various angle grinder attachments like grinding discs and diamond blades, enabling a wide variety of applications with one tool. It can also be used with a wire brush (or wire cup brush)
  • INNOVATIVE, HIGH-QUALITY TOOLS: The JCB range of power tools has been developed to reflect the JCB ethos of quality and innovation. JCB offer products that exceed the ever increasing standards and needs of professional and home DIY users. These angle grinders demonstrate how JCB continue to innovate and push the boundaries in research and development. A perfect set for suit all your construction needs
  • JCB PROFESSIONAL TOOLS: The experienced engineering and industrial design teams at JCB have produced a comprehensive range of power tools and accessories, including the 125mm Angle Grinder. The ideology of JCB is one of constant development and seeking the next level of success. This range of tools reflects the JCB brand in their desire to build sustainable products and reach innovative milestones in the world of engineering