GoYonder 115 x 1.2mm Ultra Thin Stainless Steel Cutting Discs for Angle Grinder,4.5" Cutting Blades for Metal,Stainless Steel Pipes,Steel Cables, and Non-ferrous Metals Pack of 50

  • 【Perfect Size】Outer Diameter:4.5 Inch (115mm) Inside Diameter:7/8 inch Thickness:3/64 inch.Operating up to 13,300 RPM.This ultra thin cutting discs are suitable for most angle grinders,air cut off tool and electric cut off tool
  • 【High Quality & Performance】GoYonder metal cutting discs are made of aluminum oxide grains which is durable and safety.Also provides aggressive cutting action and longer service life
  • 【Durable】1.2mm Thickness Ultra-thin design provide fast,precise and clean cutting performance with a minimal burr and reduced material waste
  • 【Multiple Applications】GoYonder cutting wheels are ideal for cutting all kinds of metal,including bolts,angle iron,rebar and even sheet metal
  • 【Package】50pcs x GoYonder Metal Thin Cutting Discs

S&R 25x Ultra Thin Metal Cutting Discs 125*1,0mm for Angle Grinder, 1mm Thin, for Inox, Stainless Steel, Steel A60 S-BF

  • ⚙️ S&R Metal 125mm Cutting Disc for Inox, stainless steel, steel 125*1,0×22,23mm A60 S-BF. Ste 25 Pcs
  • ⚙️ SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION ➤ Dual reinforced discs, 1.0 mm thick for faster and more precise cutting
  • ⚙️ FOR CUTTING METAL ➤ Thin-walled profile, sheet metal, steel, stainless steel, especially for bodywork and bucket constructions
  • ⚙️ SET OF 25 DISCS ➤ Pack of 25 cutting discs. Tile Cutters for Angle Grinder.

Dental Thin Ultra thin Double Sided Sand Diamond Cutting Disc with Mandrel Diamond Stainless Steel Cutting Disc

50PB Diamond Cutting Wheels Sand Diamond Cutting Disc with Mandrel for Separating Polishing Ceramic Teeth Whitening

Features: Made of high quality stainless steel,so the defects of other blades can be effectively resolved.The Cutting Wheels are sharp and strong, making them perfect for Cutting gemstones, glass, geramics, porcelain, tiles, carbide, rocks, aluminium and copper,Easy and safe to operate, and also convenient to replace the broken one.
Great for all types of detail work in both hard and delicate materials.Suitable for most ferrous and non-ferrous metals, castings, welded joint .Accessories for fine detail work on jade, ceramic,glass, wood, hardened steel, cast iron, Ideal for cutting, grooving and trimming .
Stainless steel discs teeth are very sharp which ensure fast and fluent cutting, it will make your DIY or repairing work smooth.
There are many cutting discs in one set so that you can use for a long time.
Comes with 10 discs and 1 mandrels which will fit for many electric rotary tools,meet your various DIY application requirements.

Specification: Material: Stainless Steel
Diameter: 0.75 inch

Package Includes: 1 Set Sand Diamond Cutting Disc

note: 1.Please allow 0-1cm error due to manual measurement. pls make sure you do not mind before you place order.
2.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you!

10 x Ultra Thin 115 mm x 1.0mm x 22.23mm Stainless Steel cuttings dics – BESLIME Metal Cutting Slitting Discs,Cut Metal, Stainless Steel, Cut-Off Wheels for Angle Grinder Use

  • Metal Cutting Discs —115mm Super thin 1.0mm cutting discs are ideal for cutting stainless steel, steel, and non-ferrous metals
  • Compatible with 22.23 mm bore angle grinders and offers fast cuts with durability and with little burr
  • Discount Package —10pcs come with Tin box for safe storage and ensuring the performance to save your money
  • Proprietary aluminum oxide grain combination for aggressive cutting performance.
  • WARM SAFETY TIPS — Always wear eye protection, masks and respect Max Speed:13300 RPM 80m/S

115 X 1.0mm Ultra Thin Stainless Steel Cutting Discs 4.5″ Inch Cut-off Wheel for Electric Power Tools

Saint-cavalier brand ultra thin cutting disc is made specialized for inox, stainless steel.
The quality is one of the best like Norton disc, Pferd disc, Sia disc.

Ultra Thin Cutting Disc for Stainless Steel (Inox)
Abrasive Material: White Aluminum Oxide
Type: Flat (T41) and Depressed Center Cutting Disc (T42)
Application: Cutting Stainless steel (Inox), metal sheet, sectional and solid materials, high temperature alloys.

Saint-cavalier brand ultra thin cutting disc is made specialized for inox, stainless steel. The quality is one of the best like Norton disc, Pferd disc, Sia disc.

uyoyous 50 Pack Cutting Dics Metal 115 x 1mm Stainless Steel Cut Off Wheels,Ultra Thin Grinding Slitting Discs for Angle Grinder Stone Brick Concrete Tiles Marble and Ceramics

  • 【Specifications】: 50 PCS ultra-thin metal and stainless steel cutting discs, the cutting discs diameter :115 x 1.2 x 22mm(4.5 ”x 0.04” x 0.86 ”) .
  • 【High Quality & Performance】: Compatible with 22mm(0.86inch) bore angle grinders, Resin Bound Standard corundum (aluminum oxide), ensure safety and longer service life, strong cutting performance.
  • 【Precise & Efficient】: Ultra Thin Grinding Slitting Discs can be cut quickly without burr, the material loss is minimal, cutting project is more accurate and efficient.
  • 【Ergonomic Design】: The cutting disc is ergonomic and handles a wide range of materials quickly without any problems.
  • 【Widely Applications】: Tough abrasive cutting discs are perfect for ultra-fast and clean cutting of stainless steel, angle iron, aluminum alloy, copper and other metals, as well as smooth cutting and finishing of common building materials.

KingSaid 100pcs Cut Off Wheels 4.5" Metal Cutting Discs Stainless Steel Ultra Thin Diamond Blades for 115mm Angle Grinder

  • Grade quality discs for cutting stainless & mild steel can accurately fast cutting metal and reduces waste.
  • Extra thin cutting discs diameter 115 x 1.0 mm, ultra-thin design for fast burr-free cutting with minimal material loss, make the cutting project more precise and efficient.
  • The maximum operating speed is 13,300 RPM. This ultra-thin cutting disc is suitable for most angle grinders, gas cutting tools, and power tool cutting tools.
  • Our 115mm Cutting Disc can be adapted to most of the angle grinders available on the market.
  • Tough abrasive cutting discs are perfect for super-fast, clean cutting in carbon steel, stainless steel, pipe, iron, copper, and all other ferrous metals.

115mm 4.5" Super Thin Diamond Cutting Discs for Angle Grinder 1mm Ultra-Thin Diamond Saw Blade Dry/Wet Angle Grinder Wheel Disc for Porcelain Tiles Granite Marble Ceramics (Blue)

  • 💿APPROPRIATE SIZE:Outer diameter 115mm (4.5 “), inner diameter 22mm/0.87inch. Our cutting discs are made of high-strength fine-grained diamond, smooth cutting, not easy to chip, durable, wear resistant.
  • 💿SUPER THIN MATERIAL:1mm ultra-thin diamond saw blade cutting disc, bringing you an easier cutting experience. It can better help you to cut quickly and accurately. Improve your cutting efficiency.
  • 💿UNIVERSAL FOR DRY AND WET CUTTING:This professional angle grinders tile cutting disc are works well with both dry and wet cutting. Suitable for most tile saws and handheld angle grinders with saw shafts.
  • 💿FAST CUTTING:1mm ultra-thin turbine grid rim diamond saw blade provides you with a fast, precise, smooth and chip-free cutting experience. Appropriately reduce the waste of materials.
  • 💿APPLICAITONS:Use for cutting of very hard materials like tiles, porcelain stoneware, natural stone, marble, granite, ceramics, bathroom tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, stoneware, stone composite,etc.


PFERD thin cut-off discs have a reputation for quality and long wheel life, and now these wheels just got even better. A thin disc designed for use with a 150mm (6″) angle grinders, either powered or cordless. A high-performance thin cutting wheel with results that speak for themselves.

Up close the PFERD thin cut off disc looks a little different. You notice there is no metal ring in the middle of the disc. PFERD moved away from the unnecessary metal ring ‘old technology’ and production process and introduced a new manufacturing procedure and quality control that produces a much better high performing cutting disc. In your hands, these wheels feel thin, very flat, precise and light with a smooth textured finish that’s comfortable to handle.

When using these cut-off wheels one of the first things you notice is how easily it cuts through steel and stainless steel. You can apply pressure or let your hand guide the wheel with the weight of the angle grinder. The result is a precise cut with very little burr formation. Our cutting tests have shown that most thin cut-off wheels start cutting well but deteriorate quickly in comparison to PFERD discs. You get fewer wheel changes and much better performance to get the job done. PFERD has taken the thin cutting to a whole new level with these wheels, making them perfect for any workshop or tradesperson. “Xtreme cutting performance”.

If you thought there is little difference between cut-off wheels and brands then think again. You may be using a cut-off wheel that’s cheap to buy, only to find it’s inferior, dangerous and costing you much more to use over time. Put PFERD to the test.

10pcs Metal Stainless Steel Cutting Disc 105*1.2*6mm Double Mesh Grinding Wheel Disc Resin Ultra Thin Angle Grinder Cutting Disc

10pcs Metal Stainless Steel Cutting Disc 105*1.2*6mm Double Mesh Grinding Wheel Disc Resin Ultra-Thin Angle Grinder Cutting Disc

* Granularity: 60

* Thickness: 1.2mm

* Hardness: R

* Outer diameter: 105mm

* Processing object: Stainless steel

* Maximum speed: 80m/s

* Inner diameter: 16mm