Norton Norzon Plus Foundry Depressed Center Abrasive Wheel, Type 27, Zirconia Alumina, 7/8 Arbor, 9 Diameter x 1/4 Thickness (Pack of 1) by Norton Abrasives – St. Gobain

  • Zirconia alumina is self-sharpening and durable, allowing for a faster cut rate than aluminum oxide
  • Type 27 depressed center wheels are used for cutting off and portable grinding
  • Reinforced design helps provide safety, strength, and straight cuts
  • Resin bonds soften under the heat of grinding, releasing dulled abrasive grains
  • Depressed center wheel for use on angle grinder while preventing gouging of the workpiece

Norton ProSand Premium Job Pack Abrasive Sheet, Next Generation of 3X Technology, Fiber Backing, Aluminum Oxide, Grit P220 (Pack of 20)

  • Norton Abrasives 220 grit sandpaper is great for sanding a variety of materials, and is best used to create smooth finishes
  • Sand 3X faster thanks to Norton’s superior materials, such as high quality zirconia alumina, which is durable, self-sharpening, and provides a faster cut than aluminum oxide
  • Norton ProSand’s water-based stearate coasting gives this long lasting sandpaper an extended life, while open-coat construction reduces clogging
  • Norton ProSand’s paper backing is more durable than polyester, while offering a more consistent finish than cloth or fiber backed sandpaper
  • Each box contains 20 sheets of professional quality 9″ by 11″ sandpaper

High Norton Quality Cutting Disc Metal S/S Iron Brazil Cuttting Disc

Life is longer than many Industrial famous brands from Germany ,USA and Japan.

  1. Special grain combination
  2. Advanced bond system
  3. Reinforced


  1. Quite Fast Cut, You will love its speed very much
  2. Long life, 30% to 300% life versus aluminum oxide wheels on stainless steel,Carbon steel,cast iron
  3. Germany MPA safety Standard

125mm 5" Flap Discs NORTON Starline Zirconia Alumina Sanding DISC Grit 40 Angle Grinder Pack of 10 High Quality

  • – Multipurpose flap discs for processing steel. metal alloys or soft materials like wood
  • – Good stock removal in rough grinding and deburring
  • – Hard and versatile Zirconia Alumina abrasive
  • – Wide selection of grit sizes and diameters
  • – Best price – performance ratio

Norton Blue Fire Inox Cutting Disc for Straight Grinder

The Norton Blue Fire range of cutting-off and grinding wheels offers a choice of high quality metal working tools for all rough applications including: weld removal, surface preparation, metal removal, reshaping and cutting-off rusted and corroded materials. Norton Blue Fire is the choice of the professional and brings quick and comfortable results.


Ultra Thin Wheels with high performance grain (thickness 1,0; 1,6) provide 50% + more cuts than similar cutting discs

This product has a long life, offers easier cutting and fast working with minimal bluing or rework requirement

Wide range of disc sizes available for cutting and grinding using a straight grinder or angle grinder in small or hard-to-reach areas

Norton 38A46-JVBE Type 01 Vitrified Straight Toolroom Grinding Wheel, Aluminum Oxide, 7" Diameter x 1/2" Width, 1-1/4" Arbor, 46 Grit, Grade J, White (Pack of 1)

  • Used on surface, cylindrical, tool and cutter grinders
  • Norton precision, form-holding vitrified toolroom wheels maximize your productivity
  • For every ferrous and nonferrous MRO, small job shop, and production operation
  • Good choice for light grinding of tool steels
  • White, friable abrasive grain

Depressed centre cutting disc Angle Grinder Norton Essential-METAL-125x3x22.23

  • The Norton Essential conventional cutting-off wheels provide longer life, fast cutting and high material removal for all metal work applications.
  • A great price to quality ratio makes this product ideal for general trade usage.
  • Advanced bond system contributes to the product’s high performance and stability when straight cutting.

Norton R884P BlueFire Speed-Lok Abrasive Disc, Cloth Backing, TS, Zirconia Alumina, 1" Diameter, Grit 50 (Pack of 25)

  • Zirconia alumina is self-sharpening, and more durable than aluminum oxide
  • Cloth backing is stiffer, tougher, and thicker than a paper or film backing
  • Closed coat for a higher-quality finish than an open-coat disc
  • TS discs have rubber threaded central hubs and mount to Norton TS or Standard Abrasives’ Soc-Att back-up pads
  • Used with a molded rubber backing pad (sold separately)

Norton 07660782141 Heavy Duty Fiber Disc, Zirconia Alumina, 4" Diameter, 5/8" Arbor, 80 Grit (Pack of 3)

  • Norton fibre discs feature a full resin bond system with heavy-duty fibre backing for increased grinding strength
  • Available in high performance zirconia alumina abrasive grain
  • A great choice for metal, masonry and wood dimensioning applications
  • Use for light sanding prior to painting or priming
  • Fiber discs is use on right angle grinders

Norton Alu Aluminium Cutting Disc

Aluminium sets an industrial performance standard amongst conventional aluminium oxide grain technologies. Made up of an advanced grain and bond system the Norton Alu cutting discs lasts longer and removes material quicker, you can rely on it to provide optimum performance to price ratio throughout all aluminium applications.

Specially developed grain and bond system, designed to cut through aluminium and non-ferrous metals without clogging

Counteracts loading and wheel glazing for fast, easy and free cutting action on all non ferrous material