Trojan Pro-X Asphalt Diamond Blade for Cutting Asphalt, Screed, Block, Sandstone & Other Abrasive Materials, 350mm x 25.4mm

  • 15mm Segments. Double laser-welded for accurate, high speed cutting
  • Made for cutting asphalt, green concrete, breeze block, screed, medium sandstone and other abrasive/course materials

PRODIAMANT Premium Diamond Cutting Disc Concrete Laser 230 mm x 22.23 mm Diamond Cutting Disc PDX821.711 230 mm Laser Welded Diamond Segments

  • Diamond tools from Prodiamant are manufactured with high-quality industrial diamonds, which withstand high demands in the specified materials
  • Area of application: concrete, reinforced concrete, granite, concrete products, granite border, brick, masonry universal for dry cutting and wet cutting
  • Professional tool with excellent value for money, tested according to EN13236, long service life thanks to high-quality and temperature-resistant diamonds
  • The many years of experience of our employees allows us to offer perfectly coordinated tools for different applications

Osborn Dronco 4304920100 Superior A4 Asphalt Diamond Cutting Disc, Abrasive Stones, C1S Shape, 18 Segment, 6400 rpm Speed, 300 mm, 2.8 mm Thickness, 20 mm Hole Diameter

  • Special disc for asphalt, green concrete (up to 24 hours), screed and abrasive, soft materials
  • Dry and wet cutting
  • 10mm segment height

PRODIAMANT Diamond cutting disc 135 x 22.2 mm ABRASIV for asphalt, screed, light concrete, fresh and damp concrete, sandstone and soft fireclay 135 mm

  • Cutting disc for cutting abrasive building materials such as asphalt, screed, light concrete, fresh concrete, sandstone and soft fireclay diamond saw blade for dry and wet cutting
  • Abrasive diamond cutting disc 135 mm mounting hole 22.23 mm for very fast cutting in soft building materials and fresh concrete with residual moisture
  • Diamond tools from Prodiamant are manufactured with high-quality industrial diamonds that withstand high demands in the specified materials
  • The many years of experience of our employees allows us to offer perfectly matched tools for different applications. Use our support, contact us, our professionals are at your disposal
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

Raizi Hot Pressed Diamond Cutting Disc for Granite Reinforced Concrete Asphalt Pavement Array Layered Segment Circular Saw Blade

Size : 105mm/ 110mm/ 115mm/ 125mm/ 150mm/ 180mm/ 200mm/ 230mm

Segment height: 8-12mm

Segment thickness: 1.6-2.6mm

In the diamond tool production process, because the distribution of diamonds has been overcome from the original random disorder, the diamonds can be arranged in an orderly manner according to the characteristics of the product used, so that the force will be uniform and reduced when the tool is used for cutting. Power consumption (current), reduce noise and greatly improve its sharpness. The orderly arrangement allows the diamond to be fully utilized, and also greatly improves the service life of the tool. Our company's practice and customer use show that the cutting tools in an orderly arrangement can increase their sharpness by 30% and extend their life by more than 100% compared with the original cutting tools of various grades.

High performance adaptability. The sharpness and durability of diamond tools are a contradiction, especially as the conditions of use change, it is usually difficult to meet the requirements of both parties at the same time. In order to solve this contradiction, the original method often requires repeated adjustments to the concentration, particle size, strength of the diamond, the combination of the carcass, and the manufacturing process. The use of diamond tools with orderly arrangement technology has a wide range of applicability. After testing, it has good cutting performance on all kinds of granite, reinforced concrete, asphalt pavement, etc.

Dapetz ® 3 x Stone Cutting Disc 115mm 4.5" Diamond Blade for Angle Grinder Cutting Disc for Cutting Stone Brick Concrete Asphalt Marble Granite

  • 115 x 7 x 1.9 / Bore: 22.2mm
  • Ideal for Concrete, Masonry, Stone, Asphalt, Marble, Retractories, Granite.
  • Suitable for all makes of angle grinders.
  • Most General Building Materials.
  • Not For Cutting Metal.

Hot Max 26250 14-Inch x 3/16-Inch x 1-Inch Chop Saw Concrete and Asphalt Cutting Wheel

  • Wheel composition allows for a durable and long lasting wheel
  • The grain composition allows for easy cutting action
  • Maximum RPM of 4,300
  • Designed primarily for concrete and asphault
  • 14-inch diameter by 3/16″ thickness

SUNNUM Concrete Grinding Wheel for Angle Grinder, 2 Pack 4 inch Diamond Cup Grinder Discs, Wet Dry Surface Grinding Polishing for Cement, Granite, Marble, Concrete, Stone, Rock, Masonry, Asphalt

  • Concrete grinding wheel grinds new or old concrete really fast, to smooth uneven surfaces and remove flashing, it is universal grinding blade for most angle grinder, and is well centered and and balanced well enough.
  • Wet and Dry Grinding, wet polishing is better, but you have to watch out power leaking, our diamond cup grinder disc provides a smooth, fast, clean cutting and longer cutting life.
  • Large grinding segments, aggressive cutting style improves airflow, cutting materials dust, and removes slurry from the cut, 4 inch diamond grinding wheel features air holes helps to cool the cutting heat.
  • Made of high quality of diamond, The package includes: 2 pieces of diamond grinding wheels. Inner diameter : 22mm and 16mm (2 washers adaptor ), Diameter of Grinding Wheel: 100mm(4 inch)/Thickness of Grinding Wheel Disc Body: 29mm(1.14 inch)/Thickness of Gear: 7mm(0.28 inch)
  • Surface Grinding on Cement, Granite, Marble, Concrete, Stone, Rock, Masonry, Asphalt, BUT no metal, Make sure to wear a mask and eye protection because you’ll make a lot of dust and things will be flying all over.

KINGTHAI Diamond Saw Blades for Concrete, Asphalt 14 inch 1"-20mm Arbor

  • Incorporated with standard segment configuration and undercut protection with and airholes design
  • Arbor:1″-20mm
  • Segment Height:10mm
  • Cutting: Concrete, brick, asphalt and other building materials.
  • Main features: Multi-purpose blade cuts all materials, less vibration for smooth and comfortable cutting. Strong torque resistance for exceptional safety.

Lukas Diamond Cutting Disc LD7 S10 for Asphalt Diameter 350 mm Petrol Cutting Cutter

  • For the perfect cutting of asphalt
  • The hardest materials use diamond, the hardest known material
  • Suitable for all machines, e.g. petrol separator with 1 inch tool holder.
  • Universal use with high working speed thanks to innovative segment alloys. Less vibrations, high safety and long service life thanks to optimised segment geometry.
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