Cutting Wheel Set for Rotary Tool Die Grinder, Resin Cut Off Wheels, Mini HSS Saw Blades, Resin Cut Off Disc, 545 Diamond Cutting Wheel, Cutter Kit with Mandrels for Wood Glass Plastic Stone Metal

  • WHAT YOU WILL GET: 6pcs HSS saw blade diameter: 22/25/32/35/44/50mm, with 2pcs 50mm mandrels; 10pcs 22mm diamond cutting disc with 2pcs 37mm mandrels; 20pcs 32mm resin cutting wheel with 2pcs 37mm mandrels, 2pcs screwdrivers
  • DIAMOND CUTTING WHEELS: The cutting wheels made of high-quality diamonds. With high cutting efficiency, high durability, stable quality. they are suitable for cutting gems, jade, brick, marble, glass, etc.
  • HSS SAW BLADES: The cut-off saw blades are high-speed steel and there are 6 kinds of outer diameters 22/25/32/35/44/50mm. They are suitable for cutting wood, plastic, PVC pipe, etc.
  • RESIN CUTTING WHEELS: With low heat generation and thin cutting line. They can be used to cut metal, metal, iron, aluminum, chassis modification, thin metal circuit board, and DIY production after connected with mandrels
  • APPLICATION: The cutting wheel is compatible with electric drills, hanging grinders, electric grinders, etc. You can use a different cutting wheel to cut metal, gemstones, porcelain, tiles, ceramics, glass, plastic, wood, pipe, etc. These cutting discs sets are ideal for cutting, grooving, and trimming. Widely used in carpentry and crafts

5pcs Abrasive Metal Cutting Saw Blades Cut Off Wheel Grinding Disc High Performance high quality

Aluminum oxide grain for long life and fast cutting.
Proprietary material mix ensures durable long life wheels.
Excellent durability and sharpness.
Diamond knockout arbor for use with worm drive saws.
High performance cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel and other ferrous metals.

Material: Aluminum oxide grain
Outer diameter: 100mm
Bore diameter: 16mm
Thickness: 1.2mm
Color: Random delivery (If you buy more than one,the color you received may be the same or different colors)

kengbi Sandpaper Sanding Flap Disc Grinding Flap Whee Cutting Disc Cut Off Wheel,41 Pcs HSS Circular Saw Blade Set Mini Diamond Saw Blade for Rotary Tools Resin Cut-Off Wheels Diamond Cutting Discs

  • Assorted grit flap discs combo satisfying your polishing requirements from coarse to fine
  • Wide application: rust, paint, ferrous, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals, wood and plastics; fits for most air and electric grinders
  • 1.[This rotary tool kit has 3 types of discs to meet your 3 needs]-cutting, grooving and trimming. It includes: 10 diamond cutting wheels, 10 resin cutting wheels, 6 HSS wood cutting circular saw blades, 10 red resin cutting wheels and 5 mandrels
  • 2.[Diamond cutting wheel]: Size: 22mm, 80 granularity. Suitable for cutting gems, glass, Geramics, porcelain, ceramic tiles, carbide, rock, aluminum and copper
  • 3.[Resin cutting wheel]: Size: 32mm, very suitable for cutting metal including hardened steel, iron, aluminum.

Cut Off Wheels 4" 5" 6" 7" 10" 12" 14" 16" Cutting Disc Abrasive Cut Off Saw Blades Angle Grinder Metal Cutting

Cut-Off Wheels


– Resin material

– Size: 4" 5" 6" 7" 10" 12" 14" 16"

– 4" 5" 6" 7" discs for angle grinders.

– 10" 12" 14" 16" blades for chop saws.

Designed for cutting fiberglass, steel, iron, plastic, stainless steel, and other ferrous metals.

High Quality Diamond Cut-off Wheels for Sapphire

Diamond Cut-off Wheels are used for efficient cutting of hard, short-chipping and wear resistant materials such as glass, ceramics and carbide, graphite, quartz, ferrite and semiconductor materials.

CBN Cut-off Wheels are used for cutting materials with an affinity for carbon, such as iron-based alloys. High-alloy steels such as HSS and chrome steel with 12% Cr. , hardened steel from 55 HRC and magnetic materials. Soft, long-chipping materials accumulate in the chip space, so they are tend to clog. Compromises can be achieved with electroplated bonds.

Metal bond diamond cut off wheels with steel core is produced with high strength, high rigidity steel plate with sintered metal bonded abrasives layer. Compared with resin bond,  the thickness is thinner with higher rigidity, suitable for deep cutting off or grooving.

Truswe Cut Off Wheels 25 Pack,3 Inch,Metal and Stainless Steel Cutting Wheel for Angle Grinder,Ultra Thin Cut-Off Wheel Cutting Disc

  • 【PERFECT SIZE】Perfectly compatible with all 4-1/2 inch(115mm) angle grinders with 7/8 inch(22.2mm) arbor. Thickness:0.045 inch(1.2mm). Operating up to 13,300 RPM.
  • 【 PRECISE AND QUICKLY】0.045 inch ultra thin design for fast burr free and precise cutting perforamce with minimal material loss.
  • 【SAFETY – AVOID WHEEL SHATTER】Metal cutting discs are made of aluminum oxide grains. More safe than other wheels that may shatter or prematurely wear. Wear all applicable safety gear when using these discs (eyes/ears/face/hands/body/etc).
  • 【DURABLE】Bonded with corundum and white alundum grain and reinforced by double fiberglass mesh, these cutting discs perform much more aggressive cutting longer, faster and reliably than other wheels that may shatter or prematurely wear.
  • 【MULTIPLE UESES】Cutting discs are designed for hard and continuous use on all metal, fiberglass, iron, plastic, steel and stainless steel parts including rebar, steel pipe, structural & galvanized steel, sheet metal, structural tubing and other ferrous metals for aggressive cutting action.

kengbi Metal Cut Off Wheel For Circular Saw 36Pcs Dremel Accesories 24mm Abrasive Cutting Discs Cut Off Wheels Disc for Dremel Rotary Tools Electric Metal Wood Cutting Tool (Color

  • EXTREME DURABILITY: Shock resistant brazing allows the carbide tips to withstand extreme impacts, improving their lifetime in high intensity applications
  • LASER CUT ARBOR: Etchings in the blade help keep it level while you’re making your cuts. They also reduce vibrations, preventing premature wear and tear
  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Use with rotary tools, for cutting metal/plastic/fiber/wood, etc.
  • Our resin cutting discs set is made by low loss materials with sharp blade, in good shape with no broken edges.

15Pcs 4inch Flap Discs Grinding Polishing Wheels Cut Off Wheel Set, Include Grit 60 80 120 24 320 Flap Disc,Cut Off Wheel, Strip Abrasive Disc Wheel, Nylon and Wool Fiber Buffing Polishing Wheel

  • SI FANG grinding discs set includes flap discs of multiple grit, poly stripping disc, nylon polishing disc, felt polishing disc, satisfying your requirements from removal to fine polishing
  • Widely used for cleaning, finishing & polishing on metal, stainless steel, glass, jewelry, plastic, ceramics, marble, wood crafts
  • Easy strip disc removes rust, paint and coatings quickly and easily, without damaging the original surface; Nylon and Felt buffing discs are ideal for polishing and finishing all kinds of surface conditions; Flap discs are designed for high speed sanding and heavy duty removal, delivering fast and long lasting cut
  • Hard-wearing, low grinding noise.Uniform grinding effect, less dust.
  • Outer Diameter: 100mm/3.94in ,Inner Diameter: 16mm/0.63in ,Fit for most makes of 100mm angle grinders.

10pcs/pack Cut Off Wheels 4 1/2" x .04" x 7/8"Thin Grinding Disc for Cutting Steel Ferrous Metals General Purpose Cut Off Blade

Size: 4-1/2" x .04" x 7/8"

Material: WA Abrasives

Appliacation: perfect for super-fast, clean cutting in carbon steel, stainless steel, pipe, iron, copper and all other ferrous metals.

High-efficiency:Extended +30% performance


10pcs/pack Cut Off Wheels 4-1/2" x .04" x 7/8", Thin Grinding Disc for Cutting Steel and Ferrous Metals, 10 Pack General Purpose Cut Off Blade for Most Angle Grinder

  • Size: 4-1/2″ x .04″ x 7/8″
  • Material: WA Abrasives
  • Appliacation: perfect for super-fast, clean cutting in carbon steel, stainless steel, pipe, iron, copper and all other ferrous metals.
  • High-efficiency:Extended +30% performance
  • 10PCS/pack