Car Polishing Pads Kit, 8 Pcs 4inch Wet Dry Diamond Polishing Pads Concrete Polishing Pads Marble Buffing and Polishing Pad Kit for Artificial Stone, Granite, Marble, Granite

  • ☆ Strong & Smooth: Granite diamond polishing pads has strong grinding force, which can polish smoothly. No Color Left: Diamond polishing pads wet kit has no color left on stone after polishing. Easy to clean
  • ☆ Multiple Granularity: Wet diamond polishing pads kit includes multiple granularity: 50/100/300/800/1500/2000/3000, which will meet your different needs. Diameter: 100 mm/4 inch; Inner Diameter: 10 mm (appr.)
  • ☆ Great Sticking Effect: Backed polishing pads for easy connect and removal. Using special binding agent, great sticking effect. Wide Application: This 4 inch diamond polishing pads can be used for granite, concrete, marble, stone, etc. Polish quickly and use for long time
  • ☆ Premium Quality: This 4 inch granite polishing pads is made of premium diamond material, sturdy, not easy to aging and abrasion resistant, to ensure maximum strength and durability for long lasting usage
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15pcs Diamond Polishing Pad Kit 4 inch Wet/Dry for Granite Stone Marble Floor Concrete Polishing Wheel Set Grinding Discs Set for Granite Marble Concrete Stone Buffing

  • 【High Quality Material】Diamond powder and resin powder,Aggressive and Durable made with quality Diamond Powder impregnated in Resin
  • 【The Granularity Includes】#30x2pcs, #50x3pcs, #100x2pcs, #200x2pcs, #400, #800, #1500, #3000,#6000
  • 【Easy to Distinguish】Backed polishing pads for easy connect and removal;colour-coded backers to easily identify polishing pads grit.
  • 【Widely Used】Diamond pads uitable for polishing concrete,marble,granite,ceramic and angle grinder stone polisher
  • 【Package Include】: 1 x M14 Self-adhesive pad 14 x Polishing pads

1PC 4 Inch 100mm Dry/wet Diamond 3 Step Polishing Pads Granite Polishing Tool Pad Sanding Disc Polishing Granite Marble Disk


*The new resin powder is made with high toughness and added with diamond synthesis to make it wear-resistant and sharp.

Using high quality nylon back fleece,Stick firmly, can tear repeatedly stick.

*All New 3 Step 4 Inch Diamond Polishing Pad Set… Only 3 easy Steps from Start to Finish… These Pads Work Wet or Dry. Great for Polishing Granite, Concrete, Stone and Marble.

*The dry/wet diamond 3 step polishing pads are the high density pregnant diamond chips pads.They are extra aggressive polishing performance.

Grit 1, very sharp, wear-resistant, rough grinding is very fast, suitable for marble, terrazzo rough grinding, terrazzo, cement floor.

Grit 2, Clean the scratch, good fineness, can quickly scratch away.

Grit 3, polishing brightness, brightness up to 1000, directly after grinding crystallization.

JOYOOO professional diamond polishing pad, M10 thread 14PCS 4 inch wet dry diamond polishing pad set ,for granite, marble, concrete, terrazzo and other flat or convex surface, concave polishing.

  • Wet / Dry 4 inch Diamond Pads give an excellent quality high glosses / glossed polish . They are very flexible . They can be used for convex , concave or flat polishing of Marble , floor , Granite and Terazzo , has the advantages of strong grinding force , high wear resistance , polishing effect is good advantages .
  • 4 inch Diamond Polishing Pads specifically designed to be used universally, Works good for Wet or Dry polishing of stones, wet polishing would give better result
  • Available Grit: 30#x1pcs, 50#x1pcs, 100#x1pcs, 150#x1pcs, 300#x1pcs, 500#x1pcs, 800#x1pcs, 1000#x1pcs,1500#x1pcs,2000#x1pcs,3000#x1pcs, 5000#x1pcs,8000#x1pcs And 1 x M14 self-adhesive pad
  • Material: diamond powder and resin powder Diameter:100mm(4″), Inner diameter: 16mm,Thread:M10,Thickness: 3mm
  • Package includes : 1 x M10 Self-adhesive pad, 13 x Polishing pads .

15pcs Diamond Polishing Pads Kit 4 inch 100mm Wet/Dry for Granite Stone Concrete Marble Polishing Use Grinding Discs Set for Granite Marble Concrete Stone Buffing Polishing

  • The grits polishing pad has a complete specification of the granularity and good flexibility, strong grinding force, fast polishing speed, high abrasion resistance and long service life.
  • The granularity includes: #30x2pcs, #50x3pcs, #100x2pcs, #200x2pcs, #400, #800, #1500, #3000,#6000
  • Package include: 1 x M14 Self-adhesive pad 14 x Polishing pads
  • Material:Aggressive and Durable made with quality Diamond Powder impregnated in Resin
  • Application:Polishing pad is mainly used for Shicai stone, glass, ceramics, the beneficiary of the lapping and polishing, has the advantages of strong grinding force, high wear resistance, polishing effect is good

16PCS Diamond Polishing Pads Kit 4inch 100mm Dry Wet Dry/Wet Polishing Pads For Granite Marble Concrete Floor Grinding Discs

Material: Diamond
Thickness: 3mm
Quantity: 16pcs
Size: 4inch/10cm
Maximum speed: 1200
Inner diameter of sticky plate: M10
Maximum linear speed: 12000rmp
Purpose: dry polishing or wet polishing (wet polishing effect is better)
Application: used for polishing concrete floors, marble, granite, artificial stone, ceramic tiles, etc.

1.Made of high-quality diamond powder impregnated in resin, wear-resistant and prevent erosion
2.Sharp and efficient.
3.Incorporate resin bond, soft fit
4.Perfect for Granite, Concrete, Marble, Stone, Tiles etc.
5.Strong grinding force, high wear resistance, polishing effect is good.

Package Including:
3*4 inch 50# Polishing Pads
3*4 inch 100# Polishing Pads
2*4 inch 200# Polishing Pads
2*4 inch 400# Polishing Pads
2*4 inch 800# Polishing Pads
1*4 inch 3000# Polishing Pads
1*4 inch 6000# Polishing Pads
1*4 inch 10000# Polishing Pads
1*M10 sticky plate

YUNJINGCHENMAN Diamond polishing pads 3"/4" Diamond Polishing Pad Wet Flexible Diamond Polish Wheel Buffing Pad For Granite Marble Stone Abrasive Sander Disc 75/100mm (Grit

  • Suitable for both Wet polishing, recommend using water to keep surface wet for an outstanding glossy finish. Perfect for Granite, Marble, Concrete, Travertine, Terrazzo, Stone, Floor Polisher etc.
  • — Wet polishing pads designed for polishing of granite and marble.
  • — Strong grinding force, good durability
  • — Excellent clarity, gloss, soft degree
  • — Does not change in the color of the stone itself, with glazing fast, good brightness and not fade

SHENYF Polishing pad 1PCS 3"/4" Wet/Dry Diamond Polishing Pad Flexible Grinding Discs For Granite Marble Stone Concrete Floor Polishing ZJ10 (Grit

  • Durable pads, longer life, faster polishing efficiency and high gloss professional finish
  • Dry/Wet polishing pad
  • Flexible and smooth polishing
  • Polishing with quick speed and without scrach
  • Suitable for different RPM

SHENYF Polishing pad 350mm Super Diamond Polishing Pads 4 Steps Copper Metal Bond Wet Polishing Pad For Granite Marble Stone Grinding Discs (Grit

  • 1. Big size. 350mm/14inch
  • 2. Add high quality diamond and metal particles.
  • 3. Super sharp,Fast polishing. Can save a lot of time and greatly improve work efficiency!
  • 4. Super wear resistant. It has a life expectancy of 3 to 5 times that of ordinary polished sheets.
  • Durable pads, longer life, faster polishing efficiency and high gloss professional finish

9PCS Wet/Dry Diamond Polishing Pad 100mm Resin Polishing Pad for Granite Stone Concrete Marble Polishing Use Grinding Discs Set

Diameter: 100MM (4 inches)
Granularity (coarse-fine): 50 #, 100 #, 200 #, 400 #, 800 #,1500 #,2000#,3000 #

1.The use of diamond powder has the advantages of good softness, sharp grinding, fast glazing, and high luminosity, so that the stone surface can quickly achieve good crystal brightness and gloss.
2.Application of water milling sheet: Refurbishment treatment of industrial floors, warehouses, parking lots and other concrete floors or various aggregate hardener floors, especially the popular liquid hardener floor projects, which can be flexibly matched according to needs and habits For hand grinder or refurbishment machine, select DS grinding discs of different sizes for rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing.

Package including:
1pcs*50 #
1pcs*100 #
1pcs*200 #
1pcs*400 #
1pcs*800 #
1pcs*1500 #
1pcs*2000 #
1pcs*3000 #
1pcs*M10 disk