SHENYF Polishing pad 6Pcs/Set 3"/4" Dry Polishing Pad Sharp Type Flexible Diamond Polishing Pad For Granite Marble Stone Sanding Disc (Grit

  • Durable pads, longer life, faster polishing efficiency and high gloss professional finish
  • 1. Dry polishing without water
  • 2. Flexible and smooth polishing
  • 3. Polishing with quick speed and without scrach
  • 4. Suitable for different RPM

3 Inch Assorted Grits White Dry & Waterproof(wet/dry) Hook & Loop Sanding Discs with 1/4 inch Shank Sanding Pad + Soft Foam-Backed Interface Buffer Pad, Total 100 Discs

  • √ 10-pieces each of 60, 120, 180, 240, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 5000, and 10000 grit sanding discs + 1 piece of 1/4 inch diameter shank backing pad + 1 piece of soft foam buffer pad
  • √ 60-1000 grit: white dry sanding discs, 3000-10000 grit: waterproof(wet/dry) sanding discs. Grit refers to the average particle diameter. The larger the grit, the smaller the particle size. The smaller the grit, the coarser the particles are
  • √ White dry sanding discs: Prevent clogging, anti-static, good flexibility, wear resisting.It can be widely used in automobiles, electric machinery metal goods, furniture instrument, handicraft article, plastic, leather, stone surface cutting and polishing
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

SHENYF Polishing pad 1PCS 3"/4" Wet/Dry Diamond Polishing Pad Flexible Grinding Discs For Granite Marble Stone Concrete Floor Polishing ZJ10 (Grit

  • Durable pads, longer life, faster polishing efficiency and high gloss professional finish
  • Dry/Wet polishing pad
  • Flexible and smooth polishing
  • Polishing with quick speed and without scrach
  • Suitable for different RPM

100mm Diamond Grinding Disc Dry Polishing Pad For Jade Marble Granite Floor Stone Polished Grinding Wheel Flexible Abravise Pad

100mm Diamond Grinding Disc Dry Polishing Pad For Jade Marble Granite Floor Stone Polished Grinding Wheel Flexible Sandpaper

Outer diameter:100mm

Inside diameter:16mm



Maximum line speed:20000rmp

Maximum speed:2000



1pcs Diamond Grinding Disc

Use for:Jade, marble, granite, floor, stone bench stone table polished.

product description: Diamond dry grinding disc can complete the grinding and polishing of stone without adding water. Compared with ordinary water-grinding sheet, it can prevent water spots, yellow spots and anti-alkali. Features: Mainly used for ground, wall and dry throwing of opposite sex stone.2. It can grind and polish materials such as stone, glass and ceramics.3, sharp grinding, heat resistance, and without changing the color of the stone itself, has the advantages of fast glazing, good brightness and no fading.4. Used for wall renovation and reducing pollution.5, dry grinding does not burn the board, convenient and fast.

1PC Diamond Polishing Pad 3/4" Flexible Sanding Grinding Disc Wet Dry Diamond Tile Marble Granite Polishing Pad Polisher


The use of diamond micropowder has good flexibility, sharp grinding, fast glazing, high brightness and so on, which can quickly achieve good crystal gloss of the stone plate surface
Use of water-grinding discs: Renovation of industrial floors, warehouses, parking lots and other concrete floors or various aggregate hardener floors, especially the current liquid hardener floor projects, which can be flexibly matched according to needs and habits. For hand grinder or refurbishment machine, use DS grinding discs with different particle sizes for rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing.

Package included:
1pc * Sanding Grinding Disc

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DFS Soft Interface Pad 115mm / 4,5" for Backing Pad – Foam Cushion Pad for Hook and Loop Sanding Pad/Discs

  • Our soft pads serve as an interface pad between the sandpaper and the backing plate at the sanding machine.
  • Made from special foam, particularly soft and flexible. The foam interface bends around curves like a sanding sponge.
  • As a contact surface, the soft pad has Hook and Loop on one side for attaching the sanding disc. The velor on the other side is used for attachment to the support plate or hand sanding block.
  • DFS Softpads are compatible with all common sanding machines (electric sander or air sander).
  • Quality made in Germany – no imported goods – durable and hard-wearing hook and loop, tear-resistant foam and stable loops on the velour – Made in Germany.

1Pcs 3"/4" Wet Dry Polishing Pad Sharp Type Flexible Diamond Polishing Pad For Granite Marble Stone Sanding Disc

12pcs 4 inch Flexible Sanding Grinding Discs Wet/Dry Diamond Polishing Pad For Tile Marble Granite Polisher Abrasive Pads Set

span>12pcs 4 inch Wet/Dry Diamond Polishing Pad Flexible Sanding Grinding Discs For Tile Marble Granite Polisher Abrasive Set

Material: diamond + resin
Size: 4 inches /100 mm

1. Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.
2. Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement. Thank you for your understanding.

1. Precision design: sharp, wear-resistant and efficient. pads are color coded, easy to identify, and offer a variety of professionally polished finds. the best speed is 2200rpm, the maximum speed is 6000rpm. Run between 2500-5000 RPM to avoid potential damage to the surface.
2. Dry/wet polishing: the polishing pad can be used for both wet and dry polishing. for best results, it is recommended to use the polishing pad with water. applicable to all solid surface materials, such as granite, concrete, marble, stone, ceramic tile, etc.
3. Durable: all polished pads are made of diamond powder impregnated with high temperature resistant resin, sharp and wear-resistant, can be used for plane, curved surface or edge; it is suitable for fast polishing speed of rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing.
4. Quick connection and release: hook and ring back polishing pad for easy connection and removal, water hole in the center; color-coded backing for easy identification of polished pad sand particles.
5. Fast removal tile, glass and concrete stone sanding disc, power tool accessories.

Package Including:
1 x Polishing pad (30#, 50#, 100#, 150#, 300#, 500#, 800#, 1000#, 1500#, 2000#, 3000# for each)
1 x Sticky disc
1 x Pole

YUNJINGCHENMAN Diamond polishing pads 1PC 3" Diamond Floor Polishing Pad Metal Bond Grinding Discs Grit 30/80 Wet Dry For Soft-Hard Concrete Grinding Repair (Color

  • Suitable for both Wet polishing, recommend using water to keep surface wet for an outstanding glossy finish. Perfect for Granite, Marble, Concrete, Travertine, Terrazzo, Stone, Floor Polisher etc.
  • Diamond polishing pad is used for Soft concrete; MB diamond polishing pad is used for Medium Hard concrete
  • High diamond concentration for long life and aggressive material removal
  • With 8 teeth sprial, faster and smoother grinding
  • Effective, efficient grinding all kinds of concrete, removing coatings on concrete floor

Wivarra Sanding Discs 3Inch, Hook and Loop Wet Dry Silicon Carbide Sandpaper, with Shank Backing Pad,Soft Buffering Pad

  • Multiple Grit Sandpaper Set: Different grades sandpaper from rough to fine grits to meet your different polishing need .Suitable for most kinds of rotary tools, such as die grinders, air grinders, electric drills, etc.
  • Hook & Loop sanding pad :Compatible with most rotary tools,such as die grinders, air grinders, electric drills, etc. Wet dry sanding disc can also be used for hand polished. About Buffering Pads: buffering pad that can reduce vibration when used.Can also extend service life of sanding pad.
  • Premium Material: 3 inch sanding discs is made of high quality latex paper and silicon carbide that is durable, anti-static, good flexibility, wear resisting and prevent clogging.Uniform grit,Very little dust.
  • Wet and Dry Sandpaper: Wetting use is more effective because it will wash away the particles in the grinding surface to reduce clogging. Can be used for polishing, such as metal, wood,plastic, aluminium , artificial stone, wood furniture , processing, precision equipment polishing, automobile polishing, jade jewelry polishing.