5 Pcs 88mm Semi circular Saw Blade Swing Type Multi function Tool Saw Blade Carbide Segment Saw Blade for Wood Metal Cutting

1. High-quality structure-Our swing saw blades are made of alloy steel and high carbon steel. They are tougher and thicker than most hacksaw blades, and can keep their life from rusting or falling off even under heavy load.
2. The most commonly used basic styles-our swing tool blade kit includes 5 3-1 / 2 inch semicircular saw blades with excellent performance for cutting wood, gypsum board, PVC, etc.
3. Quick release system-Our saw blade adopts a quick release blade mechanism design, which can be easily assembled and replaced, and accessories can be quickly replaced without a wrench or a hexagon wrench, thereby saving you time and effort.
4. Universal Compatibility-Our quick-release saw blades have a universal interface system, compatible with more than 95% of the vibration tools on the market, such as Bosch, Overtone, DREMEL, RIDGID, CRAFTSMAN, TCH, etc.

Products include:
5 X semicircular saw blade

T TOVIA Diamond Blade Segment Turbo 115mm / 125mm Saw Blade Stone Cutting Disc Wheel Cutting Blade for Granite Marble Concrete

T TOVIA D1 class diamond blades are cold pressed from high quality carbon steel with diamond segment, for fast cutting. They are designed to cut faster and last longer than abrasive wheels, but with an acceptable price.

T TOVIA PAS63 Diamond blade is trying to keep balance between FAST cutting and SMOOTH cutting. Due to the special Segment-Turbo Blade Design, blade cuts with high speed and smooth edge without cooling.

10mm hight diamond segment – provides long life in general-purpose cutting applications

Blade features an 22.23mm (7/8inch) hole and an adapter ring 20mm. Avalable out diameter 115mm (4-1/2inch) and 125mm (5inch)

Applications include cement, stone, tile, pavers, brick, and concrete/block

Z LION 115mm Tuck Point Diamond Blade 6mm Thickness Segment Diamond Cutting Saw Blade Grinding Disc for Concrete Stone

Z-LION 115mm Tuck Point Diamond Blade 6mm Thickness Segment Diamond Cutting Saw Blade Grinding Disc for Concrete Stone

This tuck pointer blade allows fast, efficient removal of mortar joints in brick, block or stone. Exterior building surface, interior floors & walls, repair, resurfacing of almost any type of concrete and masonry.Premium diamond formulation for aggressive material removal

Can be used wet or dry

Segment hight: 7mm

Segment thickness: 6.35mm

Arbor : 22.23mm

Size is 115 x 6.35 x 7 x 22.23mm

Raizi Hot Pressed Diamond Cutting Disc for Granite Reinforced Concrete Asphalt Pavement Array Layered Segment Circular Saw Blade

Size : 105mm/ 110mm/ 115mm/ 125mm/ 150mm/ 180mm/ 200mm/ 230mm

Segment height: 8-12mm

Segment thickness: 1.6-2.6mm

In the diamond tool production process, because the distribution of diamonds has been overcome from the original random disorder, the diamonds can be arranged in an orderly manner according to the characteristics of the product used, so that the force will be uniform and reduced when the tool is used for cutting. Power consumption (current), reduce noise and greatly improve its sharpness. The orderly arrangement allows the diamond to be fully utilized, and also greatly improves the service life of the tool. Our company's practice and customer use show that the cutting tools in an orderly arrangement can increase their sharpness by 30% and extend their life by more than 100% compared with the original cutting tools of various grades.

High performance adaptability. The sharpness and durability of diamond tools are a contradiction, especially as the conditions of use change, it is usually difficult to meet the requirements of both parties at the same time. In order to solve this contradiction, the original method often requires repeated adjustments to the concentration, particle size, strength of the diamond, the combination of the carcass, and the manufacturing process. The use of diamond tools with orderly arrangement technology has a wide range of applicability. After testing, it has good cutting performance on all kinds of granite, reinforced concrete, asphalt pavement, etc.

Wood Carving Disc Circular Saw Blade Segment Cutting Tray Tough Easily Carrying Cutter Granite Diamond Lightweight Tools

Hot-pressed Sintered Diamond Saw Blades Granite Stone Marble Tile Ceramic Circular Segment Cutting Disc
Optimal material, durable, precise processing, and long service life of hot-pressed sintered blades.
Cutting efficiency is higher, faster and more stable.
High-quality industrial diamond particles are used in segments that can cut various materials.

Material: Emery
Outer diameter: 110mm/4.33″
Hole diameter: 20mm/0.79″
Thickness: 1.3mm
Color: golden
Style:(A) 110mm Diameter Without Slotting/(B) 110mm Diameter Slotting
Application: Cutting of hard materials, granite, marble, ceramic tiles, stone, stainless steel, etc.

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-3mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 X Saw Blade

SHDIATOOL Diamond Cutting Disc 115mm / 4.5 Inch X Mesh Turbo Rim Segment Hot-Pressed Sintered Circular Saw Blade for Tile Marble Porcelain Ceramic

  • 115MM Diameter 4.5″/115MM, Bore 22.23MM, Diamond height 10MM, Segment thickness 1.2MM-1.4MM.
  • For cutting marble tile porcelain ceramic brick ect
  • Dry or wet cutting; Very thin segments provide chip free cutting
  • X Mesh turbo rim segment help to cool and bring the dust out, so get more efficient and better performance

SHDIATOOL 1pc Diamond Cutting Disc X Mesh Turbo Saw Blade Rim Segment Circular Hot pressed Sintered Dia 4" 4.5" 5" 7"8"9" 10"12"

Application:For ceramic porcelain tile marble cutting


1.Dry or wet cutting.

2. Very thin segments provide chip free cutting

3. Hot-pressed sintered blade with very high quality diamond grain provide long working life.

4. X Mesh turbo rim segment help to cool and bring the dust out, so get more efficient and better performance

5. Reinforced ring core on both side of blade, make cutting more stable and get better finishing.

YUNJINGCHENMAN Diamond saw blade 10pieces Dia 105mm/4inch Premium Diamond Cutting Disc X Mesh turbo rim segment Saw Blades with Diamond height 10MM

  • Dry Cutting or Wet cutting (for very hard material recommend to feed water)
  • Reinforced core steel provide more stable cutting
  • Special design and bond for porcelain ceramic marble and nature stone tile cutting
  • X Mesh turbo rim segment help to cool and bring the dust out, so get more efficient and better performance
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5 Inch Saw Blade 125mm TCT Circular Saw Blade Carbide Tipped 30T Cutting Grinder Disc For Wood Accessories Circular Saw Blade


*100% Brand New and High Quality

*5 inch x 30 Teeth Circular Saw Blade for Wood Carbide Tipped.

*Sharp and durable edge, impact resistance, bending resistance.

*Heat treatment and quenching process, cutting sharp, smooth cut, no burr.

*Mainly used for cutting wood, solid wood, composite board.


Diameter: 125mm(5")

Hole Diameter: 20mm(16mm with inner ring)

Teeth: 30T

Max. Speed: 12000 RPM

Material: Carbide Metal

Color: as pictures show

Blade Width: 2mm

Package Contents:

1 x 5 Inch Saw Blade

15mm 4 Inch Dry and Wet Diamond Segment Sintered Saw Blade For Granite Marble Cutting Disc


Blade Thickness:1.9mm
Arbor Size:20mm
Blade Diameter:4inch
Process Type:High Frequency Welded
Customized support:OEM, ODM
Place of Origin:Fujian, China
Model Number:AP-DBL-SS
Finishing:coppery Coated
Product Name:Diamond Small Saw Blade
Application:Porcelain tiles Cutting
Blade teeth:Continous rim
Color:Blue Coated
Advantage:High Efficiency and Safety
suitable for:Porcelain tiles, floor tiles
Process:High Frequency Brazed Welded
Business type:manufacturer

Product Description

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