Car Polishing Pads Kit, 8 Pcs 4inch Wet Dry Diamond Polishing Pads Concrete Polishing Pads Marble Buffing and Polishing Pad Kit for Artificial Stone, Granite, Marble, Granite

  • ☆ Strong & Smooth: Granite diamond polishing pads has strong grinding force, which can polish smoothly. No Color Left: Diamond polishing pads wet kit has no color left on stone after polishing. Easy to clean
  • ☆ Multiple Granularity: Wet diamond polishing pads kit includes multiple granularity: 50/100/300/800/1500/2000/3000, which will meet your different needs. Diameter: 100 mm/4 inch; Inner Diameter: 10 mm (appr.)
  • ☆ Great Sticking Effect: Backed polishing pads for easy connect and removal. Using special binding agent, great sticking effect. Wide Application: This 4 inch diamond polishing pads can be used for granite, concrete, marble, stone, etc. Polish quickly and use for long time
  • ☆ Premium Quality: This 4 inch granite polishing pads is made of premium diamond material, sturdy, not easy to aging and abrasion resistant, to ensure maximum strength and durability for long lasting usage
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15pcs Diamond Polishing Pad Kit 4 inch Wet/Dry for Granite Stone Marble Floor Concrete Polishing Wheel Set Grinding Discs Set for Granite Marble Concrete Stone Buffing

  • 【High Quality Material】Diamond powder and resin powder,Aggressive and Durable made with quality Diamond Powder impregnated in Resin
  • 【The Granularity Includes】#30x2pcs, #50x3pcs, #100x2pcs, #200x2pcs, #400, #800, #1500, #3000,#6000
  • 【Easy to Distinguish】Backed polishing pads for easy connect and removal;colour-coded backers to easily identify polishing pads grit.
  • 【Widely Used】Diamond pads uitable for polishing concrete,marble,granite,ceramic and angle grinder stone polisher
  • 【Package Include】: 1 x M14 Self-adhesive pad 14 x Polishing pads

15pcs Diamond Polishing Pads Kit 4 inch 100mm Wet/Dry for Granite Stone Concrete Marble Polishing Use Grinding Discs Set for Granite Marble Concrete Stone Buffing Polishing

  • The grits polishing pad has a complete specification of the granularity and good flexibility, strong grinding force, fast polishing speed, high abrasion resistance and long service life.
  • The granularity includes: #30x2pcs, #50x3pcs, #100x2pcs, #200x2pcs, #400, #800, #1500, #3000,#6000
  • Package include: 1 x M14 Self-adhesive pad 14 x Polishing pads
  • Material:Aggressive and Durable made with quality Diamond Powder impregnated in Resin
  • Application:Polishing pad is mainly used for Shicai stone, glass, ceramics, the beneficiary of the lapping and polishing, has the advantages of strong grinding force, high wear resistance, polishing effect is good

Gunpla Diamond Cutting Discs 115mm x1.4×22.2mm Thin Clean Fast Cut on Concrete, Marble, Porcelain Tiles, Granite, Bricks, Stone and Plaster, 4.5" Wheel Disc Dry and Wet Cutting Blade for Angle Grinder

  • HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL: Gunpla 115mm diamond cutting disc is made from strong and high quality manganese steel on the body part and diamond on the end blade. These wheel cutting blades do not easily wear out, their impact and high temperature resistant diamond mixture are engineered to ensure the blade last longer
  • ACCURATE AND SMOOTH CUTTING: This granite cutting disc can reach a maximum of 13,300 RPM, super-fast cutting and is a suitable cutting tool that makes the process of cutting through tough materials super easy and effortless. This will result in super clean, accurate and well-formed cutting edges when employed on any material
  • SIZE AND PACKAGING: Perfectly designed and manufactured, the premium quality cutting diamond disc is a 115×1.4×22.2mm wheel blade for making cuts on various material that is super thin and has a unique styled teeth for high performance. Suitable for angle grinders with a 7/8″ or 4/5″ Arbor. The thicker center is perfect to avoid vibrations and wobbling
  • THIN AND SOLID EDGES: Our 1.4mm thick wheel cutting disc has a structure that helps in making cutting hard materials feel like cutting through a smooth and soft surface. The solid and well-shaped structure reduces discomfort, while providing the desired outcome at any time, no matter the material or task
  • UNLIMITED RANGE OF APPLICATION: These heavy duty diamond cutting can be used for several years for cutting and finishing of granite, marble, concrete, ceramics, stones, tiles, porcelain, bricks, plaster and soft and hard common construction materials

TOVIA 125mm Diamond Grinding Wheel Polishing Stone Grinding Wheels For Angle Grinder Stone Granite Marble Polish Disc

Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel for Angle GrinderWanna try an omnipotent type polishing wheel?T TOVIA diamond grinding wheel combines middle polishing and finishing in one wheel.7 groups of advanced diamond segments on 50mn high carbon steel,meaning surface preparation/middle polishing/finishing on concrete, wall tiles, marble, granite, asphalt,stone,etc.6mm height of each group of premium diamond segments always maintains long lifetime even on de-burring,edge blending, smooth shaping,middle polishing and finishing.Furthermore,this concrete grinding wheel with 5 air holes removes dust faster, dissipates heat when grinding on angle grinder.Regardless of how tough the surface,you would observe less vibration and reduce the work fatigue.Excellent grinding wheel is waiting for you!Diamond Cup Grinding WheelDiamond grinding wheel delivers 7 groups of advanced diamond segments with 50mn high carbon steel,which provides surface preparation/middle polishing/finishing on concrete, wall tiles, marble, granite, asphalt,stone,etc.Grinding&FinishingOmnipotent type diamond grinding wheel makes it possible to the polishing surface of stone rapidly.Besides, the fine polishing effect can be shown on de-burring,edge blending, smooth shaping,middle polishing and finishing.Premium Diamond GritThe segments of the grinding disc are consist of superior diamond grit and other metal,with 6mm height of each group of diamond segments.The diamond cup wheel always maintains long lifespan and excellent polishing.Low-vibrationThe wheel body adopts 50mn high carbon steel by stamping,then quenching and tempering,it becomes solid and smooth.In furtherance,you would obtain less vibration at a high roration of 13300RPM and reduce the work fatigue.5 Air HolesThis concrete grinding wheel with 5 air holes design features the ability of heat dissipation,effectively dust removable,quick cooling when grinding on angle grinder and stone grinding machine so that improve work efficiency.WHY YOU CHOOSE IT-Diamond grinding wheel for angle grinder-Advanced diamond segments with 6mm height-50mn high carbon steel wheel body-Low-vibration,reduce work fatigue-Remove dust faster,quick cooling-Maintain long lifespan-Improve work efficiency-Middle polishing and finishing-Surface preparation on stoneWheel material:50mn high carbon steelSegment material:diamond gritOuter diameter:5inch/125mmArbor/Inner diameter: 7/8″ (22.23 mm)wheel thickness: 3.0mmSegment thickness:6mmSegment width:8mmMaximum speed:13300RPMWorking mode:universal,dry or wetWorking material:concrete, wall tiles, marble, granite, asphalt,stone,etcApplicable machine:angle grinder,stone grinding machine/span>

Concrete Granite Stone Ceramics Tools Diamond Polishing Pads Set Wet Polishing Kit for Granite Stone Concrete Marble

105/115/125mm Diamond Saw Blade Granite Marble Cutting Disc Multitool Cutter Angle Grinder for Tile Ceramic Granite Marble

105/115/125mm Diamond Saw Blades Cutting Wood Saw Wheel Disk Multitool Cutter Angle Grinder for Tile Ceramic Granite Marble
High quality materials:
The diamond saw blade is made of high-quality industrial diamond, which will not be deformed or damaged after thousands of cutting. It is very durable and has a long service life.
Fast and sharp cutting can provide you with a fast, precise, smooth and chip-free cutting experience.
East use:
Just unscrew the screw knob of the angle grinder, just put the blade on it and tighten the screw knob with a wrench, and you are ready to use. No need for complex tools anymore.
Application range:
The diamond saw blade is compatible with dry or wet cutting, and supports most marble machines, desktop cutters, angle grinders, etc.
It can be widely used for cutting, grinding or polishing granite, marble, concrete, asphalt, refractory materials, porcelain and glass.

Model: Diamond saw blade
Material: Diamond
Color: Blue, Red
Outer diameter: 105/115/125MM
Inner diameter: 20/22.23/22.23MM
Substrate thickness: 1.0MM
Saw blade thickness: 1.2MM
Substrate: 65MN
Maximum line speed: 80M/S
High speed: 14500 rpm
Hardness: 80

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 x Diamond Saw Blade

1pcs Wet Diamond Grinding Disc Polishing Pad for Granite Marble Stone Marble Concrete Stone Grinding Discs

(3 Pack, 4 1/2 inches) GRAFF Diamond Blade for Angle Grinder – Diamond Cutting Wheel for Dry and Wet Cutting Stone, Marble, Granite, Brick, Masonry, Paving Flag, Concrete, Ceramic & Kerb

  • ✔︎ CONTINUOUS RIM BLADE has a high content of soldered diamond segment that makes its ideal for cutting ceramic & ceramic tile.
  • ✔︎ TURBO BLADE – diamond blade for cutting most materials including concrete, tile, stone, ceramic, paving flag, marble, granite, brick, masonry & curb.
  • ✔︎ SEGMENTED BLADE – diamond blade has teeth with diamond segments that allow cutting stone, marble, granite, brick, masonry & paving flag.
  • ✔︎ Our blades are suitable for DRY & WET CUTTING and can SELF-SHARPEN by erasing diamond grits during operation(2 or 3 cuts on silicon/abrasive stone).
  • ✔︎ SPECIFICATIONS: Diameter: 4 ½ Inch (115 mm), Arbor: 7/8 Inch with 5/8 Inch adapter, Cutting width: 2 mm/2.5 mm/2mm, Segment height: 10 mm/10mm/7mm.

GRAFF 125mm Diamond Disc for Angle Grinder – Diamond Cutting Wheel for Dry and Wet Cutting Stone, Marble, Granite, Brick, Masonry, Concrete & Kerb – Diamond Saw Blades Segment Height 10 mm

  • GRAFF segmented cutting disc is made by thermal pressing and is intended for working with concrete, artificial stone, paving flag and curb.
  • Diamond disc for angle grinder is constructed so that during operation it heats up more slowly which leads to an increase in operating time. Such discs can be used both for dry and wet cutting.
  • Angle grinder cutting blade GRAFF can self-sharpen by erasing diamond grits during operation. For sharpening it is needed to make two or three cuts on silicon or abrasive stone.
  • GRAFF diamond cutting wheel 125mm has teeth with soldered diamond segments all around. These teeth are made by hot pressing with using diamond grits.
  • Diamond blade is designed for precise cutting of concrete using small-sized angle grinders with 22.23 mm mounting bore. This diamond cutting wheel has a frame made of improved steel which ensures high solidity during operation.