Wood Grinding Disc for Angle Grinder, Rasp Disc, Milling Disc, Angle Grinding Disc, Grinding Disc, Chainsaw Disc for Shaping, Grinding and Cutting Diameter 125 mm x 22 mm

  • Practical tool set: with fast cutting and grinding speed, the wood grinding disc is ideal for non-metallic materials, suitable for any wood, for cutting hard wood, plastic and other soft materials without worrying about hard spots such as wood bumps. Ideal for grinding, carving and removing small tree stumps.
  • Wood grinding disc. Applicable area: the inner diameter can be changed from 7/8 inches to 5/8 inches, and the outer diameter is 125 mm / 5 inches. The size of wooden grinding disc for angle grinders fits most standard angle grinders. Please check before purchasing to see if the size is suitable for your requirements.
  • Robust material: the angle grinding disc is made of tungsten carbide, durable and wear-resistant. Due to its robust construction, the wood carving disc is not easy to break or deform, it can work well and help keep the cutting surface clean.
  • Convenient to use: you can easily mount the grinding disc on the standard electric angle grinder and then use it without lengthy operation process, suitable for quick removal and shaping, also suitable for convex and concave areas, which brings a lot of comfort to your work.
  • What you get: This wood sanding disc set comes with 1 wooden sanding disc and 2 pieces 7/8 inch to 5/8 inch diameter change ring, which can help you work quickly, a beautiful combination to meet your carving and requirements They are more durable than hundreds of sandpaper pads, save energy and improve the efficiency of your work.

4 Inch 100mm Diamond Grinding Wheel Disc Grinding Cup with 100Mm Diamond Grinding Wheel Disc Grinding Cup Power Tool

2 Pcs Industrial tools: 1 x Segment Grinding Wheel & 1 x diamond wheel
Large grinding segments with heat treated cup design.High grinding speed, long service life.
Apply to the grinding of marble, granite, ceramic, artificial stone and glass, etc.
Suitable for the building decorated with a concrete wall, marble floor.Suitable for grinding the edge of granite plate, chamfering and arc grinding.
It can use for DIY grinding and polishing wood, metal, and mold.Used on the high-speed electric grinder and pneumatic tools.

diamond wheel Size(diameter): 4 inch/100mm
Inner hole diameter: 22mm (without metal ring)
Thickness of diamond segment: 6mm
Fits all 100mm sander/polishers
4 inch Concrete Turb Diamond Grinding Cup Wheel Disc Masonry Stone Cutting Tool For Angle Grinder
Thicker wide gear and rivet welding creats a higher speed of grinding and a longer service life.
Wheel features and air holes designed to help maintain a stable cutting pattern and reduced wear.
Lightweight and vibration-free design greatly reduce operator fatigue.
It can fit for the angle grinder of 100 and 125.
Used on high-speed electric grinder and pneumatic tools
This Diamond Wheel generally applicable to the grinding of marble, granite, ceramic, artificial stone and glass, etc. especially suitable for the building decorated with concrete wall, marble floor, grinding edge of granite plate, chamfering and arc grinding
Name: 100mm/4inch Diamond Grinding Wheel Disc Cutting Piece
Applications: for grind on marble, tile, concrete, rock, etc.
Inner hole diameter: 22mm / 0.9 inch
Blade thickness: 5mm/ 0.2 inch
Colour:purple + green

Package Contents:
1 x Segment Grinding Wheel
1 x diamond wheel

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OTTYMO 3 PCS Grinding Wheel Dresser 45 * 10mm Diamond Grinding Wheel Dresser Beach Grinder Grinding Wheel Dressing Tool Stone Dresser for Truing Grinding & Grinding Deburring Wheels, Silver

  • [Sturdy & Durable]- These diamond grinding wheel dresser are made of high quanlity steel material with sturdy construction makes it not easy to break or deform, anti-corrosion, heat-proof, lightweight and easy to carry.
  • [ Diamond Coating]- This wheel dresser removes debris and impurities from the wheel, revealing a sharp, clean cutting surface; you can use it to re-polish your wheel, restore the wheel to a new state, and prolongs the life of grinding wheels, making your wheel work smoother and more effective ,real practical grinding tools.
  • [Knurled Anti-slip Handle]- Abrasive wheel dresser with knurled handle makes it easier to grasp and prevent slip, ensuring safe operation. And the handle connect diamond head with screw fixed ,more secure for use .
  • [Easy to use ]- Your just need to raise the end of handle of the wheel dresser upward by 10 degrees try to make contact with the grinding wheel in a large area during use , returns your wheels to peak-performance readiness.
  • [Wide Application]- Suitable for grinding truing deburring wheels ,Ideal for for white steel jade, brown steel jade, silicon carbide and other ceramic and resin bond grinding wheels , you will get 3 pieces silver diamond grinding wheel dresser,enough quantity can meet your long time use.

WOOLUCK Pack of 3 Wood Carving Discs for Angle Grinder, Rasp Disc, Angle Grinding Disc, Wood Carving Disc, Angle Grinding Wheel, Grinding Disc, Wood for Grinding and Cutting (Golden)

  • [Durable Materials]: The angle grinding wheel, wood carving grinding disc and wood carving grinder are made of tungsten carbide, which is durable and sturdy and not easy to break or deform, makes the tool more durable, good abrasion resistance and anti-blocking function. that can serve you for a long time
  • [Practical Grinding Tool Set]Three kinds of grinding wheel, chamfered, small arc shape and large arc shape, for smoothing or carving, a tool set that meets all your needs.
  • [EFFICIENT AND CONVENIENCE]: Tungsten carbide tooth consists of hundreds of extremely sharp blades, which can quickly remove sawdust and withstand hundreds of polishing processes, so you can achieve your ideas better.
  • Wide range of applications: this wood carving disc set is designed for non-metallic objects or non-mental material and works well with wood material, can be used for sanding, shaping, grinding, polishing, carving and more, multifunctional woodworking tools for your different needs
  • [Reminder]:Note that the shaft diameter is 16mm. Please confirm if it meets the requirements of your angle grinder. This grinding wheel is only suitable for non-metallic materials, very suitable for wood.

Wood carving disc, wood grinding disc for angle grinder, 125 mm chainsaw disc, tungsten carbide wood grinding, grinding discs for shaping, grinding and cutting

  • Usage specifications: Ø 125 mm x Ø 22.2 mm, suitable for 115 mm or 125 mm angle grinders. Please check the specifications before purchasing. The inner diameter is 22.2 mm and fits perfectly with all angle grinders on the market.
  • High quality material: made of high quality manganese steel, sharp, perfect for easy to complex woodwork such as peeling wood, grinding, carving and more. Peel, grind, engrave and even cut wood pieces with ease
  • Unique design: the arc shape of the grinding wheel can ensure even polishing. It consists of many sharp barbs, which significantly improves the grinding performance of the grinding wheel, the polishing disc can be used for quick cutting and shaping with high efficiency, which can save you energy and time
  • Quick and thorough removal: the Sweetone wooden disc angle grinder ensures fast and coarse sanding of wood. You can easily grind materials such as wood, plastics, rubber and lightweight building materials. Its teeth allow gentle cleaning of surfaces as well as the removal of rubber.
  • Convenient installation: the wood polishing board is easy to use and can be easily installed with screws. Another important advantage of the grinding wheel is that it is easy to install and disassemble on the power tool

2 Pack Wood Carving Disc for Angle Grinding Wheel Wooden Disc Angle Grinding Disc Grinding Grinding Disc 125X22mm

1.Suitable for rapidremoval and shaping, especially for convex and concave areas.
2.Provides rapidmaterial removal, saving your time and effort, suitable for curved work.
3.Tungsten carbide coatings consist of hundreds of extremely sharps teeth that rapidly remove stock and outlasts hundreds of sandpaper pads.
4.Tungsten carbide teeth give you a outstanding wear-life.
5.Should only be used on non-metals or non-metal materials, suitable for wood and other materials.

6.Fit for angle grinder and it is easy to operate it.
product name:Wood Angle Grinding Wheel
Material:Carbon steel
Size:125mm x 22mm

Package Contents:
2 * Wood Carving Disc

Granite Grinding Wheel, Concrete Grinding Wheel, Masonry Cup Grinding Wheel, Universal Cup Grinding Wheel, for Angle Grinder Polishing and Cleaning Concrete, Granite, Stone, Cement 125 * 22 mm

  • High Quality Materials: Granite grinding wheel is made from imported diamond sand particles, large particles, large quantities, thick blade body, sharp wear resistance, dry grinding without burning tablets.the high concentration diamond ensuring its durable and long service life.
  • Unique Design: Diamond abrasive cup wheel designed with 8pcs air holes and dome flange shapes, make it more superior chip removal and exhaust performance, not easy to heat, reduce the wear of the grinding disc, and make the grinding more stable.
  • 8 Hole Dust Extraction: The pores of double row grinding wheel help maintain and cool the cutting pattern and reduce wear so as to produce a more consistent diamond scratch pattern. Provide the optimal & necessary combination of allowable airflow and debris removal.
  • Wet/Dry Use: Marble cup grinding wheel with the 5mm height double row segments are perfect for both fast and smooth grinding. Can be used in wet or dry state, great to use in different situations.adding some water, you get better effects during grinding.
  • Wide Application: Granite grinding wheel allows for providing for very fast cutting action on used for concrete, granite, stone, marble, tile, masonry, and some other construction material to smooth uneven surfaces and remove flashing.

2 Inch Roller Lock Flap Disc Grinding Wheel, Grit Grinding Wheel Grinding Disc Grinding Wheel, Used for Metal and Wood Polishing Angle Grinder

  • High-density material: The grinding wheel is made of high-quality zirconia and alumina. It is carefully designed for cleaning, deburring, rust removal, leveling, peeling, polishing, light grinding, and preparation or finishing of flat work surfaces.
  • Safety: There are torsion screws on the back of this flat turntable, which can be inserted into the sand pad holder more firmly to ensure your safety during use.
  • Application: These roller lock baffles are very suitable for cleaning, deburring, derusting, leveling, peeling, polishing, light grinding, and preparing or dressing flat work surfaces.
  • Application: The 2-inch roller lock disc is very suitable for metal, wood and plastic. This quick release plate is suitable for rotating tools, mold grinders, grinders or other electric tools.
  • Packing: Includes 15 flat roll lock discs. Sufficient quantity can meet your daily use and replacement needs.

Brazing diamond angle grinder stone slotted grinding wheel straight edge flat grinding wheel grinding grinding disc

Brazing diamond angle grinder stone slotted grinding wheel straight edge flat grinding wheel grinding grinding disc

Shape: round corner bed wheel

Material: gold steel stone

Size: 46

Diameter: 74 mm

Hole spacing: 20 mm

USES: marble, granite, quartz, artificial stone, concrete, ceramics…

2 Pcs Grinding Wheel Flat Resin Diamond Grinding Wheel 80 Grit 6Inch Flat Lap Grinding Wheel Lapping Grinding Disc Tool

Suitable for polishing resin
Grinding Wheel Disc Pad for Chainsaw Sharpener
Used for cutting and polishing the edge of a chain.
Works on your chain grinder or sharpener.

Material:Chrome Corundum
Size:105 x 4.5 x 22.2mm

Package Contents:
2 * Grinding Disc

Only the above package content, other products are not included.
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