KLYNGTSK Wood Grinding Disc Angle Grinder Wood Disc Grinder Wood Carving Disc Carbon Steel Wood Grinding Wheel Wood Cutting Disc for Grinder Sanding Engraving Shaping Polishing(Sliver,16 mm Bore)

  • ✔High-carbon Steel Material: The Angle Grinder Carving Disc is made of high-strength carbon steel, high quality, high hardness, strong, wear-resistant, rust-proof, not easy to break or deform and durable. It can shape your wood easily and quickly, and has a long service life.
  • ✔Sharp Teeth & Perfect Sanding: The Wooden Grinding Disc is composed of hundreds of small sharp barbs, which can quickly remove residues, faster than hundreds of sandpaper pads, help improve your work efficiency, and save you a lot of time , Energy and money.
  • ✔Unique Arc Design: The arc shape of Wood Carving Disc can ensure uniform polishing and greatly improve the grinding performance of the grinding wheel. Compared with hand rasp, angle grinder discs are more suitable for curved surfaces, convex and concave areas and are used for rapid removal and shaping.
  • ✔Easy &Fast Installation: The structure of Angle Grinder Disc is very simple, no professional skills and other tools are needed, just remove the old disc and back washer, and then screw the new woodcarving disc to the angle grinder, you can easily install and disassemble in a few seconds.
  • ✔Widely Applicable: The hole diameter of the Wood Grinding Disc is 16 mm, suitable for most standard angle grinders of 5/8 inch holes. This multifunctional grinding disc can be used for woodworking grinding, sanding,engraving, trimming, deburring, forming, polishing and shaping.

TOVIA 125mm Carbide Saw Blades Wood Cutting Disk Cutting Wood Saw Disc Multitool Wood Cutter Angle grinder For Wood

Carbide Multi Cutting Disc for Angle Grinder-Carbide multipurpose wheel cutting disc-Tungsten carbide grit cutting edge-1.2mm extra thin high strength alloy steel disc body-Stay fast and safe cutting for wood with nails,non-ferrous metal-Accurate,smooth,stable,sharp cutting-Reduce heat build-up and avoid blade deformation-Designed for cutting any breed of wood,wood with nails…-Optimized for use on both corded and cordless angle grinder

Carbide Multi Wheel Cutting Disc

Unique carbide wood cutting disc features a function of turning angle grinder into a universal tool. As said, carbide grit bonding on steel disc body provides safe, smooth and easy cutting for wood, wood with nails, copper pipes, non-ferrous metal…

Angle Grinder Cutting Wheel

When cutting wood with nails at high speed(12500rpm), this wood carving disc stays an accurate and fast cutting experience on an angle grinder due to the excellent carbide grit cutting edge. Additionally, it can be used as a shaping disc, cutting wheel.

Disc material: 65mn alloy steel

Segment material: Tungsten Carbide Grit

Outer diameter: 115mm(4.5inch)/ 125mm(5inch)

Arbor/Inner diameter: 7/8″ (22.23 mm)

Disc thickness: 1.2mm

Cutting edge thickness: 1.2mm

Maximum speed: 12500RPM

105/115/125/150/180/230mm Cutting Wood Saw Disc Diamond Saw Blades Wood Cutting Disk Wood Cutter Multitool Angle Grinder Wood


*1. Material: diamond

*2. Color: yellow, green

*3. Maximum Linear Speed: 80 m / s

*4. Maximum Speed: 20000 rpm

*5. Hardness: 100

*6. Thickness: 1.7mm / 0.04 "

*7. Inner Diameter: 20mm / 22.2mm / 25.4mm

*8. Outer Diameter: 105mm / 115mm / 125mm/150mm/180mm/230mm


*1. Made of high-quality industrial diamonds, which is hard and durable, can withstand thousands times cutting without deformation and being damaged. 

*2. Provides fast, precise, smooth and chip-free cutting experience for you. 

*3. Easy to use. Just unscrew the screw handle of the angle grinder simply place blade on it and tighten the screw handle by a wrench, and use it at once. No more complicated tool needed. 

*4. Compatible with dry or wet cutting, and support most marble machine, bench cutting machine, angle grinder, etc. 

*5. Widely used for cutting, polishing, or grinding marble, glass, granite, asphalt, etc.

Package Includes:

1x Diamond Saw Blade 

Durable 114/125/156/180mm Diamond Saw Blade Wood Cutting Disk Cutting Wood Saw Disc Multitool Wood Cutter Angle grinder For Wood

– Ultra-thin and s harp design
– Made by hot pressing process
– Applicable models: polishing machine, angle grinder, etc.
– Cutting objects: concrete, stone grinding, brick wall grinding, etc.
Product specifications:
Packaging includes:
1 x diamond s aw blade

114/125/156/180mm Diamond s Wood Cutting Disk Cutting Wood Saw Disc Multitool Wood Cutter Angle grinder For Wood


Utility 114/125/156/180mm Diamond Saw Blade Wood Cutting Disk Cutting Wood Saw Disc Multitool Wood Cutter Angle grinder For Wood


114/125/156/180mm Diamond Saw Blades Wood Cutting Disk Cutting Wood Saw Disc Multitool Wood Cutter Angle grinder For Wood


Wood Carving Discs For Angle Grinder Wood Grinding Wheel Angle Grinder Disc Wood Grinding Wheel Rotary Disc Flat Grinder Shaping Abrasive Disc Angle Grinding Discs For Wood Bore 16mm Woodworking Tools

  • ✔ MATERIAL: This wood rasp polishing disc is made of high quality high carbon steel, which is strong and durable, more durable than hundreds of sandpapers, saving your time.
  • ✔ DESIGN: Hundreds of extremely sharp teeth on the surface of the woodworking polishing wheel, the package contains an arc and a flat surface, which can be used interchangeably.
  • ✔ WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: Angle grinder shaped thorn discs are ideal for wood peeling, grinding, carving, and even cutting wood, and can effectively remove burrs.
  • ✔ SIMPLE OPERATION: You only need to install the grinding disc on the angle grinder, no need for too much operation, very convenient and fast, suitable for quick removal and shaping.
  • ✔ TIPS: When using the grinding thorn disc, pay attention to safety to avoid injury, and please operate under the guidance of professionals!

Wood Grinding Wheel, Grinder Disc Metal, Angle Grinder Disc Wood, Shaping Disc, Shaping Disc Wood, Grinder Disc, Wood Grinding, Sharp, 90mm Diameter, 16mm Aperture, Manganese Steel (Black)

  • High-quality materials: The angle grinder discs are made of high-quality manganese steel, with strong structure, not easy to break or deform, sharp edges, high hardness and strong wear resistance.
  • 12-tooth design: 16mm inner diameter and 90mm outer diameter, providing smooth and controllable cutting and engraving actions to maximize cutting performance. Note: Please confirm whether the size is suitable for your needs before buying.
  • Sharp: The grinder disc is strong, durable and rust-proof! 12 sharp gears can quickly remove sawdust, more durable than hundreds of sandpaper pads, can save your time and energy, and help improve work efficiency.
  • Easy to operate: just screw in and install easily. Another outstanding advantage of the grinding wheel is that it is easy to install and remove electric tools. It can be installed on an electric angle grinder with an inner diameter of 16mm. A few seconds are enough for you to assemble and remove it again at the same time!
  • Wide range of applications: Wood carving discs are only suitable for non-metallic or non-metallic materials, and can be used for carving hardwood, cork, plastic, rubber, and multifunctional woodworking tools for polishing, carving, shaping, polishing and polishing.

TOVIA 125mm Circular Carbide Saw Blades Cutting Wood For Angle Grinder Saw Disc Wood Cutter Saw Blade For Cutting Wood Multitool

Carbide Circular 3 Teeth Saw Blade for Cutting Wood

-Wood carving disc with 3 teeth carbide blades

-Fast cutting wood as easy as cutting butter

-Aggressive and sharp cutting like a shark

-Carving,sculpting,shaping,grooving crafts

-Safety & Anti-kickback

-No overheating

-Wide range of cutting wood/plastic…

-Ideal angle grinder accessories

Wood Cutting Disc

Three teeth saw blade with 1.8mm thickness steel disc adopt silver welding to solder 3 fairly strong blades. Not only ensure the sharpness of cutting but also reduce the risk of cutting wood. Cutting wood with our saw blade on your favorable angle grinder is a sensible solution.

Fast Cutting

Thanks to tungsten carbide teeth blades with unique 15 degrees on the disc, cutting can be more aggressive and sharp at high rotation speed rates(12500RPM). It’s capable for cut off wood, plastic pipe, composite board, floor, plywood, parquet, plasterboard, MDF, soft plastic, wall tile, etc.