Top Quality Circular Saw Blade (Skill Saw) 230mm x 32mm with Bore (30mm 28mm 25mm 22mm 20mm Reduction Ring) for Wood Cutting Discs Circular 230mm x 32mm x 40 Teeth

  • 230mm x 32mm x 40T Teeth Circular Saw (Skill Saw) Wood Cutting Disc
  • Comes With Bore Reductions Rings (30mm 28mm 25mm 22mm 20mm) TCT (Tungsten Carbide Tipped)
  • Cuts all types of wood, softwood, hardwood, particle board, MDF, hardbord and plywood
  • Fits most Saw Cutters-Thin profile cuts faster and reduces waste
  • Max RPM-7000 Max- 70m/s


These Makita E-03006-5 Cut Off Wheels are perfect for dry or wet cutting, and best for use on concrete.

Supplied in a pack of 5 pieces, they are perfect for use with the new DCE090 Cut Off Saw.


  • 9″ cut off wheel
  • 5 pieces
  • Abrasive disc
  • Stainless thin thickness
  • For use on concrete
  • Dry or wet cutting
  • Compatible with the DCE090 Cut Off Saw


  • Blade Diameter: 230 mm
  • Bore Size: 22.23 mm
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Grit: WA36R
  • Max RPM: 6650
  • Part Number: E-03006-5
  • Pack Qty: x5 Discs


Cut Off Wheels are perfect for dry or wet cutting, and best for use on concrete.

Supplied in a pack of 5 pieces, they are perfect for use with the new DCE090 Cut Off Saw.


  • 9″ cut off wheel
  • 5 pieces
  • Abrasive disc
  • Stainless thin thickness
  • For use on concrete
  • Dry or wet cutting
  • Compatible with the DCE090 Cut Off Saw

SHDIATOOL Diamond Cutting Disc 9 Inches / 230mm Vacuum Brazed Cut-Off Wheel for All Purpose Demolition Blade for Stone Iron Steel Metal

  • 1 piece Vacuum Brazed Diamond Cutting Blade for Universal Use
  • Diameter: 230mm/9″; Bore: 22.23mm (7/8″); Thickness: 2.6mm
  • Designed to cut through the tough materials, including granite marble, Aluminum, Auto Body Panels, Cast Iron, Copper Pipe, Corrugated Roofing, Drywall, Ductile Iron Pipe, Fire Door, Masonry, Plastic, PVC, Rebar, Reinforced Concrete, Steel Metal, Stucco and more
  • Utilizing vacuum brazed technology, high concentration of industrial premium diamond particles are permanently brazed to the edge of the steel core creating an unbreakable and extremely heat resistant segments which can fastcut nearly all materials without water cooling
  • Both sides coated with abrasive material, help to increase the performance; Engineered for use one blade for all purpose. Fire Fighters, RescueTeams, Police and Demolition Contractors

230mm/9inch Resin Cut Off Wheels Metal Cutting Disc Wheel Dremel Grinder Rotary Tool 1/3/5pcs


Ultra-thin cutting piece wear-resistant, no broken edge and low dissipation for processed materials.

Multilevel excellent glass fiber mesh and resin as reinforced bonded material, with high tensile, impact and bending strength.

High-quality, high-strength fiber materials have strong impact resistance, which can bring higher work efficiency and economic benefits.

Widely used in ordinary steel, stainless steel and non-metal cutting materials, dry and wet cutting methods, so that the cutting precision is more stable.

The black metal cutting disc is more suitable for ordinary metals, stainless steel can also be used. Often used to cut iron, steel, alloy, aluminum, stainless steel,metal and ect.

Can be used for all kinds of metal plane and arc surface polishing, polishing, derusting, stainless steel tube, capillary tube, glass tube, quartz tube, automobile exhaust pipe and other pipe and wire cutting grinding metal work, the cutting of special steel and the workpiece grooving have very good effect.

230mm Resin Grinding Disc Cutting Wheel 9inch Cut Off Wheels Cutting Wheels On Angle Grinder for Metal Stainless Steel Cutting

-These cutting discs are made by a special process of Resin &Corundum abrasive to ensure extra toughness, sharpness, and durability.
-Abrasive sand distribution uniform, fast grinding speed, sharper cutting, long service life.
-The Cutting Wheels is Thickly inlaid steel ring, anti-rust electroplating treatment of hole ring, firmly inlaid, high safety.
-Tough abrasive cutting discs are ideal for super-fast, clean cutting in carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, and all other ferrous metals.
-The cutting wheels are suitable for most angle grinders.
-Often used to cut iron, steel, alloy, aluminum, stainless steel,metal and ect.
-Please wear suitable protective equipment during use cutting wheels and do not exceed the specified maximum speed.

SHDIATOOL 1pc Dia 9"/230mm M14 Diamond Cutting Grindng Disc Dual Saw Blade For Cut Grind Sharpen Granite Marble Concrete

230mm/9" Diamond cutting grindng disc saw blade Dual blade cut grind Sharpen granite marble concrete

Quantity: 1pc

Specification: Diameter 230mm/9"; Diamond Height 25mm; Segment Thickness: 3.0mm; Arbor M14 Thread;

Application: Granite, marble, natural and artificial stone, concrete, brick, block


1. Wet or dry working

2. Excellent cutting performance in hard materials with a long service life

3. Special design of the holes on the core help cooling when processing

4. Ideal for stonemasons and sculptors

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100/125/180/230mm Wood Carving Disc Angle Grinder Chain Disc 14/16/20Teeth For Wood Plastic Hard Rubber Cutting Disc 1pc


  • Special for woodworking, used for carving, shaping and cutting.

  • Cemented carbide is durable and can prevent rust, so there is no need to worry about long-term rust damage.

  • The new one is chain and blade integrated design more safe and reliable use.

  • The old version with a chain is easy to destroy, and may be disconnected when encountering hard things. This upgraded version is more durable and stronger.

  • Wood carving tray is a muscle work of cutting, engraving, cutting, and engraving materials such as wood, plastic, ice, hard rubber, etc. It has high work efficiency and flexible operation.


  • Material: Carbide

  • Size: 100mm(4"), 125mm(5"), 180mm(7"), 230mm(9")

  • Hole diameter: 100mm (16mm), 125mm (22.23mm), 180 (25.4mm), 230 (25.4mm)

  • Rotating speed: 100mm-14000rpm, 125mm-13000rpm, 180mm-8500rpm, 230mm-6600rpm

  • Number of teeth: 14 teeth(100mm), 14 teeth(125mm), 16 teeth(180mm), 20 teeth(230mm)Package Include:1x Wood cutting disc
    It depends on your choiceProduct instruction:Although wood carving trays bring convenience and speed to life and work, for safety reasons, please follow the following rules of use.

  • Check whether the chain is loose or broken before each use, if found, please stop using it;

  • It is forbidden to use materials other than those specified, such as metal materials;

  • In order to avoid major accidents, protective measures must be taken before use and safety equipment must be worn;

  • Please use the equipment in a standard manner, such as angle grinders that cannot be used with the protective cover removed, etc.


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  • Since the size above is measured by hand, the size of the actual item you received could be slightly different from the size above. Please don't mind, thank you!

DAH 5 Piece 100/115/125/150/180/230mm METAL Cutting Wheels Abrasive 30Grit Aluminum Oxide Flat ShapeCut Off Wheel


This x5 piece set of Duro flat cut discs gives high performance cuts using angle grinders in all mild carbon steel and stainless steel types.


  • A46BF Inox DUO Specification
  • Flat – for cut off
  • 80m/s maximum speed
  • 2 reinforcing layers
  • Coated aluminium oxide – free of FE, S & CL <0.1% – EN12413


  • Part Number: F230-22-ADMI-1.9
  • Diameter: 230 mm / 9″
  • Bore: 22.23 mm
  • Thickness: 1.9 mm