The development of cutting discs has made the application range of cutting disc more and more widely, and the demand for cutting discs is getting higher and higher. Therefore, there are more and more types of cutting discs appearing on the market. Different types of cutting discs have Different uses. Today, Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., LTD for everyone to analyze the classification of the use of the cutting discs.

The cutting discs on the market are now roughly divided into the following categories:

1. 115*1*22 cutting disc: professionally suitable for stainless steel cutting, commonly used cold pressing sintering method of insert cutting disc or outer circumference continuous type sheet, can also be made by electroplating method of outer circular cutting disc. This type of cutting disc is now widely used in the market.

2. Stone cutting disc: mainly for cutting and slicing natural and artificial stone. Commonly used stone cutting disc are: circular cutting disc for cutting disc, generally with diameter greater than 800mm; cutting edge cutting discφ300~500mm is used as plate trimming; horizontal cutting disc and cutting edge cutting disc are used together, large stone After trimming, a plurality of slabs are cut off from the block with a horizontally mounted cutting disc.

3. Engineering cutting blades; mainly used in the cutting and transformation of reinforced concrete buildings, cutting of cement prefabricated parts, cement pavement, airport runways, and squares, etc., the main forms are external saw blades, wire saws and so on.

4. Plastics, laminates, plexiglass cutting sheets; because plastics, laminates, plexiglass, etc. are all organic materials, poor thermal conductivity, heat deformation, sticky sawing, improper operation will also make the graphite graphitized, so the cutting disc is required to have a certain Some of the characteristics, the specifications are more complex, the amount is not very large, so the most suitable for the plating of the outer circular cutting disc.