Manufacturer High Speed Thin Cutting Disc, Cut off Wheel, Grinding Wheel for Metal

Ultra Thin Cutting Disc for Stainless Steel (Inox)
Abrasive Material: White Aluminum Oxide
Type: Flat (T41) and Depressed Center Cutting Disc (T42)
Application: Cutting Stainless steel (Inox), metal sheet, sectional and solid materials, high temperature alloys.

Saint-cavalier brand ultra thin cutting disc is made specialized for inox, stainless steel. The quality is one of the best like Norton disc, Pferd disc, Sia disc

Cut off Wheel for Metal

Abrasive Material:Aluminum Oxide
Type: Flat (T41) and Depressed Center Cutting Disc (T42)
Application: Cutting Metal and Steel, Cast Iron with electric angle grinder

Durable 4 100mm Diamond Grinding Wheel Disc Bowl Shape Grinding Cup Concrete Granite Stone Ceramic Cutting Disc Power Tool,China,Green

  • 1. The blade is thick and sharp, the cut is smooth, and it is toughs and wearable. The cutting efficiency is high, the cutting speed is fast, and the cutting sharpness can be continuously used. Hot pressing process, high hardness, and more labor-saving cutting.
  • 2. Emery cutter head, skilled manufacturing process using stable heat treatment technology.
  • 3. The heat-dissipating silencer prevents the work under high speed conditions, and the body is easily deformed by heat. 4. Metal baking varnish, the surface is treated with special metal baking varnish, treated by special process, the surface is treated with metal baking varnish, it is not easy to rust and beautiful.
  • 5. Widely used in a wide range of professional grinding of walls, floors, bridges and other cement products and granite, marble and other stone.
  • 6.High Diamond concentration for long life and aggressive material removal

4.5″ (115mm) China 70m/s cut off disc, abra metal cutting discs

Description of 70m/s cut off disc

1.T41 70m/s cut off disc

2.Advanced grain and bond system

3.No more time loss due to machine or product changing

4.Free of iron,sulphur and chlorine

5.Low vibration and comfortable cutting

6.Maximum safety

7.Not easy to burn workpiece

Advantage of 70m/s cut off disc

.33 years manufacturing experience and abundant export experience
2.ISO9001-2008,MPA EN12413, MPA Certifications
3.Accept OEM
4.Free samples for quality testing

Cut off Flap China Metal Abrasive Polishing Grind Cutting Wheel

The cutting wheel is made of good quality alumina material. Its usage is very wide, because we offer products of various dimensions, so our products almost suit to any other product.

This kind product has four colour, you can choose according to your needs.
Green Yellow Red Black

1) Features

Friable aluminum oxide grains.
Specially developed for stainless steel.
High performance.

Tungsten Electrode Sharpener Tungsten Needles Tungsten Rods Grinder Aluminum TIG Welding Tungsten Electrodes Sharpen Tool

Tungsten pole grinding tools: very suitable for grinding tungsten poles, suitable for most 3/4-12 threaded rotating tools.
Applicable to: It can grind tungsten of 2 specifications, each of which has 2 corners. Type 4 holes 1/16″ (1.6mm) 15°, 1/16″ (1.6mm) 20°, 3/32″ (2.4mm) 15°, 3/32″ (2.4mm) 20°. 15° is 30° In tip grinding, 20° is 40°. There are 3 holes for each type. Grinding different circles on the diamond wheel will reduce the consumption of the diamond wheel by 2 times.
Diamond grinding wheel: It has good hardness and wear resistance. It is used for argon tungsten arc welding or cutting various materials. 10 grinding wheels can be replaced.
Zipper storage bag: used to store the sharpener and diamond wheel, easy to carry.

Aluminum Tungsten Electrode Sharpener Tungsten Needles Tungsten Rods Grinder Aluminum Welding Tungsten Electrodes Sharpen Tool


Tungsten Carbide Tile Saw Blade (L)150mm, Material: Tungsten Carbide, Colour Description: Black, Quantity: 1 in Pack

  • Product Information This tungsten carbide tile saw blade from B&Q is a must have purchase for any DIY tool kit. Tungsten carbide blade teeth per inch handle
  • Technical Specifications:- Material: Tungsten carbide, Colour description: Black, Quantity: 1 in Pack

50mm Solid Tungsten Carbide Steel Circular Saw Blades, 50mm*72 Teeth Tungsten Steel Milling Cutter, Thickness 0.2 4mm, Bore 13mm

Solid Tungsten Carbide Milling Cutter

Diameter: 50mm

Thickness: 0.2-5.0mm

Inner bore: 13mm

Teeth: 64 or 72

Mainly used for cutting, slotting and milling steel, stainless steel, castings.

Recommended size

Recommended processing speed

Ordinary Steel 70-160 Vcm/min

Hardened Steel 50-80 Vcm/min

Cast Iron 110-130 Vcm/min

Stainless Steel 80-150 Vcm/min

Brass 22-350 Vcm/min

Aluminum Alloy 250-400 Vcm/min

Titanium Alloy 20-60 Vcm/min

​Free shipping. 1 piece per pack.

Product Picture

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125mm 1PC Diamond Grinding Disc Sharpening Diamond Wheel for Tungsten Steel Milling Tool Tungsten Carbide Metal 150 320 Grit

125mm 1PC Diamond Grinding Disc Sharpening Diamond Wheel for Tungsten Steel Milling Tool Tungsten Carbide Metal 150-320 Grit

Description of product features:

-This product is made by artificial diamond grinding wheel and resin bonding.

-The grinding wheel is stable and reliable in grinding accuracy,cutting property,life and so on.
-It can be applied to many materials.So that you can eassily deal with various materials to meet your needs.

-It is mainly used for the surface grinding and outer circular grinding of cemented carbide measuring tools, tungsten steel,

high-speed steel,alloy steel, glass, gem, magnetic materials, ceramics and molds, etc.
-High hardness, high compressive strength, good wear resistance.

-It is suitable for sharpening of sawtooth,milling cutters and ect.

Product Detail:

-Color:Brown and sliver
-Material:Resin bond and diamond coated carbide metal

-Out Diameter:125mm

-Hole diameter:20/25/32mm
0.63/0.98/1.26inch approx.

-Sand width:8mm/0.31inch approx.



-Grain size:150/180/240/320grit

-Quantity: 1 Piece



-If you have any questions,please feel free to contact me.

Package Content:

-1Pc 125mm Diamond Grinding Wheel Disc


-Please check your machine regularly to make sure it works normally.
-Please wear safety precautions and pay attention to safety when using and test stability before working.

-In order to prevent accidents, please idle for 2-3 minutes after installation, and confirm the stability before working.

-Please be carefully check the goods appearance, size, shape and then compare your original goods before ordering, thank you.

10PCS Tungsten Steel Grinding Head Tungsten Carbide Milling Cutter Rotary Tool Abrasive Tools Metalworking Milling Polishing

Description:Material:   Carbide SteelCutting edge diameter:as the below pictureShank diameter: 6mmHead diameter:10mmShaft diameter: 3mmDrill Bit size: 6mmCompatibility: smaller rotary tools such as those made by DremelAttention Tips:1. If the mobile phone client can’t check the size clearly, please collect it firstly and transfer it to PC Client, it would be much better.2. Size may be 1~3 cm(0.5~1 inch) inaccuracy due to hand measure. Color may be little different due to monitor.Package included:1 x 10pcs rotary tool