NEIKO 11270A Sanding Disc| 72pc 5” Orbital Sand Paper | Hook and Loop | Assorted 40, 60, 80, 120, 180, 240, 320 Grit | Premium Quality Aluminum Oxide Grain | Anti Static & Anti Clogging Sanding Paper

  • [QUALITY]: Premium aluminum oxide grain, designed for fast material removal and long sanding life.
  • [DURABLE]: These 8 hole sand disc are Anti static and anti clogging for maximum productivity.
  • [VERSATILE]: For use on wood, drywall, fiberglass, metal, plastic and finishing painted surfaces.
  • [CONVENIENT]: The quick change hook and loop backing system allows secure and fast sheet changes.
  • [SIZES]: 70pc set includes 10pcs of grits (40, 60, 80, 120, 180, 240, 320 grit).

3inch 75mm Sanding Discs Round Shape Sandpaper 40 2000 Grit Hook Loop sand paper Abrasive Polishing Tool for Grinder Rotary Tool

3inch Aluminum Oxide Sanding Discs 30pcs


* Type: sanding paper
* Material: aluminum oxide
* Diameter: approx. 75mm/ 3 inch
* Color: as picture shows
* Back: Hook and Loop
* Model: 40#/60# /80# /100# /120# /150# /180# /240#/320# /400#/600#/800#/1000# /1200# /1500#/2000#
* Quantity: 50pcs


* Widely applicable, ideal for polished metal, wood, jade and so on.

* Polishing stick plate supporting the use, easy and simple to use.

* Sanding papers coated with aluminium oxide bound with synthetic resin are the perfect choice for working of all wood, woodbased materials, and metal, from coarse sanding to fine sanding.

50PCS 6inch Sanding Discs Sandpaper Assorted Set Wet Dry Sand Paper Hook & Loop Sand Paper 320 10000 Grit for Polishing Abrasive

【WET & DRY SANDING】:Made of premium silicon carbide and waterproof paper. Ideal for wet and dry sanding. Wet sanding can minimizing scratches, prevent sandpaper from clogging with dust, removes loose abrasive particles and reduces airborne dust.
【50 PIECE A SET】: Prevent clogging, anti-static, good flexibility, wear resisting, that provides outstanding life and superior finishes.
【APPLICATION MACHINE】: Disc grips to the appropriate hook and loop back up pad attached to an orbital random sander or DA polisher or angle grinder.
【WIDE USAGE】:Can be used in stone, lacquer surface, mirror surface treatment such as headlamps polishing. Wood Furniture finishing, drywall sanding, automotive metal polishing, almost all the polish work can be finished with them. Just choosing the right sandpaper grit for your project.
【PACKAGE INCLUDE】: 5 pieces each of 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 5000, 10000 grit 6 inch sanding discs, total 50 pieces.

Material: Silicon Carbide
Outside Diameter: 150mm
Size: 6 Inch

100Pcs Sand Paper 12mm Abrasive Sand Paper Ring Sandpaper Wheel Grinding Bit + 2Pcs Rods Abrasives Tools Accessories


1. Use high quality material, durable in use.

2. It can install on electric tools such as electric grinders and has good grinding performance.

3. It has good polishing effect and high efficiency

4. Small body, it is easy to install and replace the old one.

5. Suitable for metal surface cleaning, derusting, grinding, dusting, deburring, polishing, stripping residue


Condition: 100% Brand New

Material: Sandpaper

Rod Diameter: 3.175mm

Grit: 80

Diameter: 12mm

Weight: Approx. 92g / 3.2oz

10pcs Sanding Abrasive Discs 9inch 225mm 8 Hole Hook and Loop Sanding Discs Aluminum Oxide Sand Paper for Drywall Finishing

9-Inch 8-Hole Hook-and-Loop Sanding Discs Sander Paper for Drywall Sander

UNIQUE DESIGN: Hook and loop sanding discs make the hook and loop sandpaper stick to the sanding pads Well. 9 inch sanding disc 8 hole is more efficient for dust removal.

PREMIUM QUALITY: 9 inch sanding discs are made from premium aluminum oxide abrasive.This grain on the surface of can cut well and lasts a reasonably long time.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Hook and loop sanding disc fits for the drywall sander well.

WIDESPREAD APPLICATION: Widely uesd in the polishing and finishing of metal, steel, wood, glass, artificial stone, plastic, rubber, leather and other materials.


Material: Aluminum oxide abrasive
Diameter: 9 inch/ 22.5 cm
Grits: 60/80/100/ 120/ 150/ 240grit
Quantity: 10 sanding discs

48Pcs Sanding Sheets, Sanding Paper Hook Loop Sand Sheet 93x185mm Punched 8 Holes Grits 40/60/80/120 Fit Rectangular Orbital Sander Multi-Sander Aluminum Oxide Grain

  • 【PRACTICAL GRIT】 – All grit grades sand paper, coarse to fine, including 10 sheets of grit 40# 60# 80# 120# in red, 2 sheets of grit 40# 60# 80# 120# in yellow,a total of 48 sandpaper;24 months warranty.
  • 【BACKING TECHNOLOGY】- High quality aluminum oxide grain and the high-strength resin bond system make the sandpaper more lasting and durable.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATION】- Sanding sheets is ideal for polishing metal, rust removal, wood work, plastic, leather, rubber and glass.
  • 【EASY TO USE】- Hook and Loop, easy and quick to stick,Size: 95* 185 mm, pre-punched with 8 holes for dust extraction, suitable for rectangular sander.
  • 【UNIVERSAL SUITABLE】- Suitable for Multi-Sander PSM 200, AESPSM 18 LI, PSM160 and other Rectangular Sander. Please check that the sander bottom plate matches the size of the sanding pads.

Orbital Sander Sandpaper 5 Inch 8 Hole Sanding Disc Hook and Loop Velcro Pads Sand Paper 320 Grit for Wood 70 PCS Blue Aluminum Oxide Anti Blocking Rhombus Sanding Discs

  • Using cloth as the matrix, the service life is more than 2 times longer than that of red sanding disc using paper as the matrix.
  • The flannelette is used reliably, The thickened and lengthened high-grade hook and loop is used to connect more firmly with the sander, and the sandpaper will not be separated from random orbital sander.
  • Diamond anti blocking heat dissipation design,5-Inch 8 Hole Assortment Hook and Loop Random Orbit Sandpaper, The blue zirconia grit is commercial, avoid frequent replacement of sanding disc,quantity per box(70-Pack) .
  • With special process, the cloth base will not tear and sand will not fall off, so the grinding effect will be a little rougher than the red sanding disc (because the red sanding disc will change from 240 grit to 800 grit after grinding for a few minutes). It can be used by watering (not soaking in water).
  • Universal design, glued to the orbital sander, can polish wood, metal, houses, furniture, fences, stones, bamboo, walls, etc. it can almost polish the objects you can think of.

Dokpav Baking Parchment, 500pcs 9cm Non-Stick Greaseproof Baking Parchment Paper, Baking Oil Paper, Bamboo Steamer Paper, Air Fryer Liner, Wax-Paper Beef Burger Discs, for Burger,Patty,Cooking,Grill

  • ◎Round baking Parchment Paper: non-toxic, wax-free, environmentally friendly, non-stick bottom, high temperature resistance (heat resistance 250 degrees), not easy to break, not easy to tear.
  • ◎Easy to use: The non-stick baking tray can be easily peeled off from the sandwich cake, which can prevent the cake from sticking to the cake tray, which is convenient for cleaning, and maintain the integrity and beautiful appearance of bread, dumplings, buns, and buns.
  • ◎Features: Our pre-cut 9cm hole parchment lining can be used directly from the packaging, no need for cutting circle.
  • ◎Widely used:very suitable for bamboo steamers, air fryers, cake pans,Baking,Cooking,Grill and can also be used to separate hamburger patties to prevent stacking.
  • ◎Satisfaction Guarantee: If you have any questions about our greaseproof paper please feel free to contact us.

40PCS 4 Inch 100mm Red Sand Flocking Sandpaper Sheet Disc Sheet Back Flock Sheet Round Sand Paper Abrasive Tools

Abrasive Material: Aluminum Oxide
Grit:320#/400#/600#/800#/1000#/1200#/1500#/2000#(per 5pcs)
Scope of application: Wood furniture, car polishing, etc.

Package included:

10 Pieces 9 inch 225mm Dry Sanding Discs Hook & Loop Aluminum Oxide Sand Paper Discs


– Diameter: 225mm (9-inch)
– Abrasive Material: Aluminum Oxide
– Attachment Type: Hook & Loop

Buying Guide

Grit 40~80 are good for removing material and work well with power sanders.
Applications include:
– Stripping away finishes, such as paint or varnish
– Removing rust on metals or flaws in wood
– Leveling and shaping wood