BENECREAT 5PCS Clear Acrylic Circle Disc 3mm Thick 150mm Inner Dia Cast Sheet for Craft Projects, Signs, DIY Projects

  • [High Quality]: Made of acrylic, with laser cutting technique, high transparency, edges and cut surface is smooth.
  • [Package Includes]: Includes 5pcs acrylic sheets, measures 150mm in diameter, 3mm in thickness.(Not:we have updated the old package from clear film to kraft film)
  • [Advantages]: It’s high light transmittance, weather resistance and anti-aging, has strong impact resistance, easy to clean.
  • [Double-Protective Film]: Each sheet has a double-sided protecting film to prevent it from scratching, easy to peel off without remains.
  • [Wide Usage]: Great to be used as picture frame replacement, also suitable for painting, calligraphy to make table signs, medal, schedule, and other handmade art project.

2Pcs Circle Clear Acrylic Sheets, 12 x 12 Inches Round Transparent Acrylic Panel Sheets Disc with Protective Film for Picture Frame, Display Projects, DIY Crafting, Table Signs, Painting

  • 【Premium Material】Our round acrylic boards are made of outstanding acrylic material with smooth edges, which are easy to clean, not easy to break, sturdy, and durable for long time use.
  • 【Easy to Use】With a clear finish, these circle acrylic panels can provide nice visual clarity, making them easier to see through, more convenient to use for various DIY crafts work.
  • 【Easy to Clean】The clear acrylic sheets are easy to clean up with water or wipe with a wet cloth after using. You can use a laser, drill, router, or other tools to cut the acrylic plate to get the desired size, convenient to operate.
  • 【Wide Applications】The acrylic sheets are ideal for different DIY projects, such as laser-engraved signage, hobby display cases, art protector, tabletop protector, home decoration, shelving, and so on.
  • 【What You Will Get】You will receive 2pieces of transparent round acrylic sheets, the diameter is 12 inches, 2mm thick, which is enough for your DIY project use, quality material can be applied for a long time.

10 Pcs Plexiglass Clear Acrylic Sheet,8in Acrylic Circle Blanks Large 20cm Round Acrylic Disc Acrylic Circle Discs Boards 1MM Round Acrylic Panels Circle Acrylic Sheets Sign Craft Blanks 200x200x1mm

  • 【Package includes】You will get 10pcs clear round acrylic disc,each size is 200*200*1mm,lightweight and durable,widely used,enough for your DIY project use.
  • 【Durable material】Our acrylic blanks sheets made of quality clear acrylic,easy to clean and abrasion resistant.smooth edges and safe to use,not easy to break,and easy clean up with water or wiping with a wet cloth after using.
  • 【Wide application】These round acrylic panels can be used for a range of DIY art and professional projects,such as painting,palettes,calligraphy,cake making,product display,splash backs,party signage ect.
  • 【Easy to use】With PE protective films on both sides,can effectively prevent scratches and stains,and these acrylic panel can provides nice visual clarity,convenient to use for various DIY crafts work.
  • 【Convenient to cut】You can use a laser,hot cutting,cold cutting or jigsaw,drill to cut acrylic plate to get the desired size,quick and convenient.

1Pc150/180/200mm Diamond Grinding Wheel Grinder Circle Grinding Circle Wheels For Tungsten Steel Milling Sharpener Cutter Tools

-Resin bond material, which has high grinding efficiency, less heat generation, good self-sharpness, and is not easy to block, much improve the service life of the grinding wheel.
-Grinding resistance is small, improve the product speed, grinding products, beautiful, high precision.
-Good precision machined surface, free of cracks and organizational changes, easy to control size and achieve processing automation.
-Resin bond for uncomplicated grinding process with good chip volume, while maintaining a low thermal influence on the workpiece.
-Designed to grind carbide and hard steel, stone, metal and other processing and polishing, mainly used in alloys knives, saw blades, serrated grinding process.

40 Pcs 10 cm Clear Circle Acrylic Sheet, Round Acrylic Panel, Acrylic Blanks Transparent Circle Ornament (Plastic)

  • 【Value Package】The package contains 40 pieces of 4-inch (10 cm) blank clear acrylic panels, a quantity sufficient to meet your decorative needs.
  • 【High Quality】Our round clear sheets are strong, have high transparency, safe and durable, they won’t crack easily, so you can use it with confidence.
  • 【Easy to Clean】These acrylic discs are easy to clean, can be wiped with water or a damp cloth when they get dirty. For some stubborn stains, you can use a mild detergent to clean them.
  • 【Exquisite Gift】You can use these clear acrylic round transparent discs to make gifts by hand, and give your heart to your family and friends, they will be very happy.
  • 【Wide Applications】These round acrylic sheet sign ornaments are perfect for DIY projects that can be used to make decorations, bag tags, souvenirs, DIY Christmas gifts, crafts and many other items.

Duufin 60 Pieces Acrylic Circle Blanks Keychain Kit with Acrylic Keychain Blanks Keyring with Chain and Jump Rings for DIY Projects and Crafts

  • Practical DIY kit – come with 20 pieces 2 inch round acrylic circle blanks, 20 pieces key rings with extension chain and 20 pieces jump rings, 60 pieces in totall; abundant quantity for you to use and share with friends, just unleash your imagination
  • Clear surface and smooth edges – Duufin acrylic transparent circle discs are made of high quality acrylic material, cutting by laser cutters, provide you with accurate size and smooth edges, great for your daily DIY projects and artwork
  • Transparent protective film – both sides of the acrylic transparent circle discs are covered with protective film, which helps to keep the acrylic blank from being scratched or getting dirty, you will get a clear circle blank just tear the film off slowly
  • Wide application – the acrylic keychain blanks are easy to use, you can draw, carve or stick stickers on the acrylic round blanks as you like, decorate your DIY project with key rings and colorful keychain tassles, distinctive and creative
  • Easy to use – Duufin acrylic keyring blanks are 0.2cm thick, designed with a hole in 0.32cm diamater, easy and convenient for you to attach the acrylic circle blanks to the keychain or other accessories

20 Pieces Clear Acrylic Sheet Acrylic Disc Blanks Transparent Round Acrylic Disc Panel 0.06 Inch Thick Circle Acrylic Panel Sign for Vinyl DIY Projects Arts and Craft Supplies (4 Inch Diameter)

  • Ample amount: the package will provide a total of 20 pieces clear acrylic discs with the thickness of about 0.06 inch, sufficient amount supports you to DIY or share with friends
  • Nice features: these acrylic discs are suitable for a variety of applications, whether it is indoors or outdoor; The durable acrylic material also endows these blanks with high impact strength, high UV-resistance and heat-resistance
  • Considerate protective design: acrylic transparent blanks are covered with the protective film on both sides, to reduce frictions and protect these sheets from being scratched or getting dirty before they arrive in your hands, the film should be peeled off when you are ready to use the blank
  • Clear surface: these circle acrylic panel signs are blank and clear for you to DIY, customize your creations by laser engraving, painting, gluing, applying self-adhesive vinyl, or drilling holes, the disks are also ideal for many applications including seasonal ornaments, souvenirs, signs and more
  • Well crafted: these transparent disc blanks are made of acrylic material, characterized by glass-like clarity and toughness, lightweight and durable, shatter-proof and weatherproof, able to provide multiple times use and long lasting service, and they are laser cut with beautiful finish, each blank has a clean and smooth edge, won’t easily scratch your hands

Duufin 50 Pieces Acrylic Keychain Blanks Clear Acrylic Keyring Circles 2 Inch Acrylic Transparent Circle Discs with Hole for DIY Projects and Crafts

  • Plentiful acrylic blanks: come with 50 pieces clear round acrylic blanks, we provide abundant quantity for you to use and share with friends, just unleash your imagination
  • Clear surface and smooth edges: the acrylic transparent circle discs are made of high quality acrylic material, cutting by laser cutters, provide you with clear circle blank with smooth edges
  • Protective film design: both sides of these acrylic circle discs are covered with protective layer which help to pretect the surface during transportation, just tear them off slowly, you can get a clear appearance transparent circle disc
  • Wide application: Duufin acrylic keychain blanks are easy to use, you can draw, carve or put some lovely sticker on the round keychain blank, decorate your souvenir with key rings and coluorful keychain tassles, which make your DIY project more distinctive and creative
  • Easy to use – the acrylic chain blanks are made of quality acrylic(0.3cm thick), designed with a hole(diamater: 0.32cm), easy for you to string the key rings with chain and the acrylic circle blanks together

Beorol Circle Clear Acrylic Sheet, 12 x 12 Inches Round Acrylic Disc 1/16 Inches Thick Transparent Acrylic Panel for DIY Projects and Crafts (2)

  • 銆怶arm notice銆慞lease peel off the surface protective film on both sides to get a clean and transparent round acrylic sheet before using, which is convenient for your use.
  • 銆怱ize detail銆慣he clear acrylic panel is 12 x 12 inches/ 30 x 30 cm, 0.05 inch thickness; You can use a glass cutter or another cutting machine to cut the plate to get the desired size.
  • 銆怶ide application銆慣he round acrylic sheet sign is great for cake making, product display, wedding and party signage, painting and calligraphy, schedule, and many other DIY art projects and crafts. You can create your own signs and artwork; the smooth, transparent surface that allows for easy customization.
  • 銆怑asy to clean銆慣he circle sheet is made of durable acrylic acid, which is not easy to break even if dropped; With smooth edges for easy holding and mixing paint, this circular plate can be applied as a clear palette that can be washed with water or wiped with a damp cloth.
  • 銆怭ackage listing銆慪ou will get 2 pieces of round transparent acrylic sheets, which can be applied for a long time, suitable for DIY projects, and provide you with a lot of conveniences.

GmeDhc Acrylic Keyring Blanks, 20 Pcs Acrylic Blanks, Acrylic Circles with Hole, Acrylic Circle Blanks, Acrylic Baubles Blanks, Clear Acrylic Discs for DIY Keychain and Craft Projec, 75 x 2mm

  • [Package Included] — The package contains 20 round acrylic blanks with a diameter of 75mm and a thickness of 2mm, which are very suitable for different kinds of DIY crafts, and enough quantity to meet your needs.
  • [Smooth Edges] — The acrylic transparent circle discs is made of high-quality acrylic material, cut by a laser cutting machine, to provide you with accurate dimensions and smooth edges, which is very suitable for your daily DIY projects and artworks.
  • fashion
  • AM02091411GM
  • [Wide Application] — Round acrylic board is very suitable for DIY Christmas decorations, keychains, cake decorations, product display, wedding and party signs and other crafts. You can paint, engrave or paste stickers on the acrylic round blanks as you like.
  • [Protective Film Attached] — A protective film is attached to the surface of the clear acrylic circles. Please tear off the surface protective film on both sides before use to obtain a clean and transparent round acrylic board.
  • [Hole Design] — There is a pre-punched hole near the edge, which is very suitable for making ornaments or labels. Very suitable for your DIY craft project.