Bellota 50503-40 Flap Disc for Smoothing Down Silicon Carbide Stone, Silicon Carbide 40, Polyamide Base, 115 mm

  • Flat polyamide base for work on flat surfaces
  • Does not mess or scratch the worked surface
  • Maximum use of the disc as the nylon base can be used
  • Blade disc for grinding stone or non-ferrous materials

Dremel 85422 Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone for Grinding, Sharpening and Engraving in Stone, Glass and Non-ferrous Metals (19,8 mm)

  • Dremel accessory (85422) silicon carbide grinding stone is designed for grinding, sanding, engraving and sharpening of various tough materials
  • This thin grinding stone is effective for use on hard materials such as stone, glass, ceramics, porcelain and non-ferrous metals
  • Made from quality silicon carbide for more hardness and better durability
  • Working diameter 19.8 mm; Shank diameter 3.2 mm; Recommended maximum speed 40,000 RPM
  • Included: 1x silicon carbide grinding stone for use with rotary tool

AmaCupid 6 inch Green Silicon Carbide Bench Grinding Wheel, 1/2 Arbor, 3/4 Thickness, 80 Grit.Applied in The Grinding of Cemented Carbide and Non-Ferrous Metals and Non-Metallic

  • High quality: Green silicon carbide grinding wheel is made of first grade sand, silicon carbide and binder at high temperature sintered, It is also called ceramic grinding wheel. Wear-resistant ,durable,strong toughness (Poor grinding wheel is reclaimed sand)
  • Features: Green silicon carbide grinding wheel, high hardness, high brittleness, sharp abrasive grains and good thermal conductivity. It is suitable for the grinding of non-ferrous metals such as cemented carbide tools and workpieces, as well as the grinding of non-metals such as optical glass, ceramics, and stone. It has the characteristics of not burning to the cutter head and not burning the workpiece
  • Dimensions: Green Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheel diameter 6 inch /150mm, center hole 1/2 inch /12.7mm, thickness about 7.88 inch / 20m. The standard size grinding wheel is mounted on the type 150 grinding wheel machine, please follow your machine Model, choose the grinding wheel that suits you
  • Safety and Precautions: The workbench and the base grinder must be fixed, the machine without a fixed base will move, causing grinding and injury.Before installing the grinding wheel, please check and operate according to the instructions provided. Please take personal protection before grinding wheel work
  • After-sales:If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to solve the problem until you are satisfied

Straight Drive Brand 1 Rolling Tip & Blazy Susan Pre Roll Cones with Magnetically Sealed Rolling Tray Lunacy Rolling Paper by Straight Drive.

  • This Listing Includes: 1 Straight Drive Brand Rolling Tip, 1 x Magnetically Sealed Rolling Tray Lunacy Rolling Paper and 1 Pack Of Blazy Susan Pre Roll Cones.
  • Blazy Susan- Our Super Thin, Slow Burning, Vegan Papers are Made In France From The Finest Wood Pulp And Lightly Dyed With Natural Ingredients.
  • Lunacy- The addition of a wind-resistant magnetically sealed rolling tray solves a dexterity and handling problem that many smokers have, as well creating a unified all-in-one package that’s portable, easy to use and efficient. The rolling skins themselves are made of high quality rice paper which due to its thinness, burns slower than normal papers. Rice paper also produces zero ash,
  • Note:- Only Straight Drive and Authorised Sellers have the right to sell straight drive brand products

Green Silicon Carbide Grinding Wheel Bench Abrasive Wheels with High Grinding Accuracy and Good Roughness for Carbide Metal(100#)

  • HIGH PRECISION: The grinding wheel has uniform abrasive grains, high grinding accuracy, good roughness, low abrasive consumption, and durable.
  • GOOD THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY: The hardness of green silicon carbide is second only to boron carbide and diamond, it is brittle, has sharp abrasive grains, and has thermal conductivity.
  • HIGH HARDNESS: Abrasives wheels have the characteristics of high hardness, high compressive strength, and good wear resistance, making them an ideal grinding tool.
  • DURABLE: Long service life because of hard silicon carbide, ceramic grinding wheel has high stock removal rate, rremoving of burrs.
  • WIDE USE: The concrete grinding wheel is suitable for grinding hard alloys, optical glass, ceramics, gems, agate, honing cylinder liners and other hard and brittle materials.

Abrasive Flap Wheel Sander Abrasive Flap Wheel Silicon Carbide Abrasive Grinding Head with Handle Metal Grinding Wheel

Abrasive Flap Wheel Sander Abrasive Flap Wheel Silicon Carbide Abrasive Grinding Head with Handle Metal Grinding Wheel

Features: ● Material: The handle of this grind head is made of metal, the abrasive part is made of silicon carbide, and the back material is gauze. Excellent sex comes from high-quality materials and special design.
● Shank diameter: 6mm
● Purpose: suitable for rough grinding, grinding and polishing of a variety of metals and non-metals
● Performance: The alumina abrasive sander is continuously exposed to prevent clogging and provide a uniform finish. It is most suitable as a finishing sander after sanding of heavier surfaces and material removal.
● Note: The installed baffle wheel is suitable for most drill bits. When using it, please rotate it clockwise, do not use it counterclockwise.

Specification: Material:Silicon Carbide Abrasive + Gauze Base
Color :Brown
Size: As the Picture Shows

Package Includes: 1x Grinding Head with Handle

note: 1.Please allow 1-2mm errors due to manual measurement, make sure that you do not mind before you order.
2.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

Fiskars Rotary Blade Ø45 mm Straight Cutting, Rolling Blade for Straight Cuts, 1003862

  • Spare blade for use in Fiskars roller cutters Ø 45 mm (Item No.: 1003861, 1003910, 1003736)
  • Particularly sharp and durable blade thanks to stainless steel
  • Ideal for cutting materials like paper, fabric, and felt
  • Reusable packaging
  • Contents: 1x Fiskars rotary blade for straight cuts, Ø 45 mm, 1003862

Fiskars SureCut Plus Blades x2 – Straight Cutting, Spare Blades For Straight Cuts, Orange, 1020506

  • Spare blades for insertion into the paper cutter (Item No.: 1020504) for straight cuts
  • Ideal for cutting A4 paper, simultaneous cutting up to 5 sheets (80 g / m2) at a time
  • Cutting with the Rail mechanism for more precise results
  • Easy replacement of the blades
  • Contents: 2x Original Fiskars blades SureCut Plus, Colour: orange, 1020506

Fiskars TripleTrack Blades x2 – Straight Cutting & Scoring, Spare Blades, Straight Blade and Folded Blade, Orange/Black, 1003905

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Spare blades for insertion into paper cutting machines (Item Number: 1004637, 1003916, 1003758 und 1004639) for straight cuts
  • Simultaneous cutting of up to 5 sheets (80 g/m2) possible
  • Rail mechanism for more precise results
  • Easy replacement of the blades
  • Contents: 1x Original Fiskars replacement blade TripleTrack, 1x Original Fiskars folding blade TripleTrack, Colour: Orange/black, 1003905

Angle Grinder Wheel Thicken Stone Polishing Wheel Grinding Head Silicon Carbide Abrasives For Type 100 Angle Grinder

  • Works wonders! Was able to grind down and demo old fireplace tile work and prep it for new tile. Like others say it barely, if at all, got worn down.

  • -Andy

Main Features

  • ⏩️ Material
    The grinding wheel is made of emery and silicon carbide particles, with long service life, high material removal rate, double thickness and double durability.

  • ⏩️ Easy To Use
    100 type angle grinder special, the grinding wheel comes with copper thread, can be directly installed angle grinder, simple and easy to operate.

  • ⏩️ Sand Faster
    Contains large particles of emery, the effect of sanding and polishing the stone is good, and the speed is fast. Type 11 shape of the grinder disc is made for maximum surface grinding coverage.

  • ⏩️ Application
    These wheels can effectively smooth and finish the surface or contour. Suitable for grinding stone, but also for grinding worn axe blades, knife blades and other tools.

Installation Notes

  • 1. It needs to be installed in conjunction with the lower splint of the original machine, and the splint is turned over to the 16mm surface.

  • 2. After installation, you need to run idling to check stability before operation and use.

  • 3. The grinding wheel is a consumable and cannot be returned after use. 

  • (When the new grinding wheel is not in use, the sand body is less obvious; after the grinding operation, the sand body will be exposed, please be aware)


Product Weight

  • 216G

Package Contents

  • Angle Grinder Wheel × 1


Emery, silicon carbide

Applicable models

Type 100 angle grinder


50 grit, 100 grit

Product Size