4'' 5'' 6'' 7'' 9'' Diamond Arrow tooth wheel floor grinding cup Wheels

4'' 5'' 6'' 7'' 9'' Diamond Arrow tooth wheel floor grinding cup Wheels | 100 125 150 180 230mm Concrete surface grind discs.

150mm disc has 6 segments.

4'' 5'' 6'' 7'' Diamond grinding cup Wheels

4'' 5'' 6'' 7'' Diamond grinding cup Wheels | 105 125 150 180mm concrete cement floor grind discs | silver welding.

Mesee 3 Pieces Roll Lock Disc Pad Holder Set, 1/4'' Shank Quick Change Discs Adapter 1'', 2'', 3'' Roll Lock Rotary Sanding Polishing Pad Holders for Die Grinder Accessories

  • Roll Lock Disc Pad Adapter Diameter: 1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch; Shank: 1/4 inch; Rated at 20,000 RPM
  • 3 Pieces Rotary Sanding Disc Pad Adapter Holder with different sizes, can meet your needs in your polishing projects
  • Constructed with metal shaft and rubber pad with bolt for flexible durability, provides firm support when using roll lock discs and other bristle discs
  • Allows attachment to roll lock discs and sanding pads that have a small threaded screw shaft post attached to the back of the pad that correspondingly screws into the rubber pad adapter for attachment
  • Fit for power drills, die grinders, air grinders for any surface buffing or polishing job. Ideal for sanding grinding, polishing, surface conditioning/preparation, paint removal, sanding primers, etc

15Pcs 1'' 2'' 3'' Compressed Wool Quick Change Discs Mix Set Roloc Style Polishing Buffing Pads with 3Pcs Roloc Disc Pad 1/4'' Holder Perfect for Polishing and Buffing Projects

  • 【Package Include 】:In this kit, we prepare 1” 2” 3” compressed wool polishing buffing pads(each size 5pcs) and 1pcs roloc disc pad holder for you. Ideal for many different types of polishing and buffing projects.
  • 【Used for 】: Our Disc Polishing Buffing Pads Wheels Kit is great for many different types of polishing and buffing projects, which could be used on wide variety of surfaces – stainless steel & other metals, wood, chrome, synthetics & more.
  • 【High Quality】: Our product are selected 100% natural compressed wool – favored for superior buffing properties, versatility & durability. The disc pad holder also have high quality long-lasting rubber will provide sturdiness and strength.
  • 【As Far As Its Performance Is Concerned】: Heat insulation,sound insulation performance is good, can be used as thermal and sound insulation materials; Tight structure, small pores, not restricted thickness can be used as filter good material; Good wear resistance can be used as polishing materials.
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1pcs 4'' 5'' 6'' 7'' 110/125/150/180mm Wood Circular Saw Blade 30T/40T/50T/60T/80T TCT Wood Cutting Disc Carbide TCT Saw Blade


1. Applicable to cut solid wood, wood T door, plywood, mahogany, wood wire, etc.

2. Made of hard alloy, high tensile strength and high corrosion resistance.

3. Neatly arranged incisive teeth, good cutting effect, flat and smooth incision, no burrs.

4. The toothed design provides a smooth cutting surface.

5. Faster speed and greater maneuverability.


Condition: 100% Brand New

Item Type: Saw Blade

Material: Carbide

Diameter: Approx. 125mm/5in, 110mm/4in 180mm/7in

Inner Diameter: Approx. 20mm /25.4mm

Number of Teeth: 30T 40T 50T/60T

Package List:

1 x Saw Blade

1 x Ring

Industrial grade:

Alternate left and right teeth saw sharp cutting, suitable for solid wood plywood, bamboo multi-layer board, etc.

The matrix is made of 65 manganese material

Raw material:

High-quality alloy cutter head, fully automatic double-sided welding, high strength, fully automatic grinding cutter head, smooth and sharp

4'' 5'' 6'' 7'' Diamond L type segments grinding cup Wheels

4'' 5'' 6'' 7'' Diamond L type segments grinding cup Wheels | 105 125 150 180mm floor grind discs | silver welding .

3.2'' 4'' 4.4'' inches Diamond Cutting and Grinding Flat Sintered Discs

3.2'' 4'' 4.4'' inches Diamond Cutting and Grinding Flat Sintered Discs | 80 105 110mm slotting concrete granite grind plates.

LIVTER Grinding wheel Saw blade high speed for cutting metal 355mm Dia 14''x1/18''x1''

It's for high spped cutting meatal,stainless steel pipe.And it's easy to broken than hss saw blade.Suitable machine rpm≥2200,max rpm 4700rpm/min.

Cutting effect display

In-kind shooting show


9Pcs 1'' 2'' 3''Quick Change Roloc Easy Strip Discs Mix Set with 3Pc Roloc Disc Pads,Abrasives Roloc Sanding Disc for Die Grinder Surface Prep Strip Grind Polish Finish Burr Rust Paint Removal

  • ▲【Product Material】Uses made of polyurethane coated nylon cord Premium Silicone Carbide Grains. Each Disc Will Allow You Clean And Strip In One Step.Durable Web Design Lasts Longer And Will Not Rust.Rust stripping disc is made of polyurethane coated nylon cord
  • ▲【Application】These Quick Change Easy Strip Discs Are Perfect For Small Work Areas Especially for removing rust, paint, oxidation, weld lines, varnish, surface contaminants and more whether you are using them or metal, fiberglass or wood.
  • ▲【High Quality】It does not damage the surface of the object, the grinding force is uniform, the processing effect is uniform and wear-resistant, the water resistance is strong, the plasticity is strong, the softness is good, it is suitable for various shapes to be peeled off by the grinding body, the grinding sound is small, the dust is small.
  • ▲【Excellent Effect】Quick Change Clean And Strip Disc Combine The Versatility And Effectiveness Of The Angle Grinder Strip Disc But Now With A Quick Change, Roloc Backing And Smaller Size For Additional Ease Of Use And Flexibility In Tight Area Jobs.
  • ▲【Package Include】This is a package of 9 Bule Stripping Quick Change Discs.Three Sizes:9Pcs 1/2/3 Inch Quick Change Roloc Easy Strip Discsand 3Pcs 1/2/3 inch Lock Sanding Disc.

1'', 2'', 3'' Roloc Disc pad Holder with 5PCS 1/4" Shank for Polishing Round Rotating Tools, Universal Quick Replacement Sanding Discs Holder

  • Disc Pad Holder made of Heavy-duty rubber, with removable 1/4” shank is made of nickel-plated steel for resistance against rust, both very durable.
  • Three sizes holder provide to you many choices, connect firmly sand disc pad, making you can work well with various of surface conditioning and preconditioning, paint and rust removal, self-sharpening, sanding, cleaning, grinding, stripping, deburring, polishing, finishing etc.
  • 1/4″ shank fits power drills, die grinders, air grinders for any surface buffing or polishing job,turn your mandrel or other rotary power tools into a high speed buffing machine, fasten tightly and stable work.
  • Roll Lock style Threaded backs screw securely onto the mandrel for convenient, quick and easy disc changes.
  • Package includdes 1 * 1” Disc pad Holder, 2 * 2” Disc pad Holders, 2 * 3” Disc pad Holders, 5 * 1/4” shanks.